Manipal College of Nursing Manipal conducted half a day workshop on Behavior Management on 17.10.15 at MIT Auditorium. This workshop was conducted for faculty and students of MCON and MSON.

October 23, 2015

Dr N.K Vijayan Karippal, Principal Expert Pre-University College, Mangalore was the resource person.
He talked about Excursion to Leadership with help of 7 Destinations/ 7C’s namely Clarity about our purpose/objectives, better Communication skills while dealing with students, a teacher should have Control over content, circumstances, impulses/ emotions, Commitment in the task we do with 4 F’s fun, fame, fortune and future. The fifth destination is Challenge, Connectivity is possible with co-ordination, co-operation, collaboration and co-existence and last destination is Complexity. He also spoke about five cardinal sins which a teacher should never commit: Being rude, being confrontational, challenging students, being bad tempered, being negative and winding students. Strategies to overcome misbehavior or indiscipline are PRAISE i.e. Being Proactive, Giving positive Reinforcement, Assessing the situation in terms of ABC (antecedent, behavior and consequence), analyzing Intent of misbehavior, Sincerity and finally Empowering students. A total of 65 faculty from MCON and MSON had participated in the workshop.  

There were two separate sessions for students on Value Added Transactions in the morning. He stressed importance of 3T’s Time, Talk and Task with day to day examples. Total 465 students had participated in the session. The sessions were followed by interaction with students.