Nutrition Project Report

As a part of curricular requirement of fourth year B.Sc. Nursing, the “Batch 1A” students of Community Health Nursing of Manipal College of Nursing conducted Nutrition Project on 22nd September, 2016 at Marne Area under the guidance and supervision of Mrs. Jeyalakshmi K, Assistant Professor-senior scale, Department of Community Health Nursing, MCON.

September 25, 2016

We began the project by conducting the nutritional survey of 32 houses at Marne area, Udupi Taluk. Project plan was prepared based on the deficiency and excess of nutrients found in people residing in the area; the survey report showed that, there is deficit intake of calcium and excess intake of fat in their diet. A menu was planned to meet the nutritional requirements of people based on normal RDA value. Menu consisted of Vegetable with spinach soup, Drumstick leave chapatti and Kufta curry, Multi-grain puttu and Bengal gram curry and fruit and vegetable salad.  

The food preparation began at 9.15 am. Food was prepared by following the principles of cooking. The presentation part of the project started with welcome address to the gathering; followed by a presentation using different types of A.V Aids imparting Health Education on nutritional disorders of calcium deficiency and excessive fat intake.  

Two role plays were enacted to signify the importance of low intake of fat and high calcium intake. Food was served to the people at 12.00 noon. The total participants for the programme were 25. The feedback was given by the participants and they were pleased and appreciated our work and said the programme was very helpful and informative. The programme was concluded with the vote of thanks.