Street play on “Drug Abuse”

March 01, 2024

The use of tobacco, alcohol, and other substances is a global problem and affects many children and adolescents. To create awareness about drug abuse through drama and humour, team members of the SNA health education committee of MCON presented a street play on “drug abuse” on February 28, 2024, at 4:30 pm near the main gate of KMC. The team mainly portrayed the ill effects of substance abuse and the remedial measures. The total beneficiaries were 20 participants, and they appreciated the efforts of the team. The program was coordinated by committee advisors, Mrs. Shobha, Lecturer, Department of OBG (N), Mrs. Rishmitha, Lecturer, Department of Medical-Surgical Nursing, and the committee secretary, Ms. Sona Mariya Jose, a student of Semester V. The program contributed to SDG3: good health and well being