Report of Alumni engagement guest lecture series – 02/2020

As part of alumni engagement guest lecture series – 02/2020, Manipal School of Nursing, MCON, MAHE, Manipal has organized a guest lecture. The Guest speaker, Ms. Sangeetha Lobo (alumnus DNM 2000 – 2003) Quality Manager, Indiana Hospital, Mangalore spoke on the topic "Performance Indicators in Nursing during COVID – 19 Pandemic on June 17, 2020, from 10.30 – 11.30 am.

It was an excellent lecture by the speaker. She gave an overview of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI), NABH Nursing Excellence Standards, Nursing Quality Indicators (NQI), Key Performance Indicators (KPI), why to measure, what to measure and COVID 19 related KPI.

Her lecture included key messages like "Nursing heads should have facts & data when they approach management while representing achievements, improvement in nursing services, or demand for resources. It is essential to have management support for all nursing activities. Regular audits should be conducted, recorded & reviewed. KPI indicators should be reviewed & changed every six months. Nursing heads should be familiar with KPI indicators, and lower-level staff should be sensitized the purpose of KPI, sufficient time to be given for their understanding of KPI”.

She added COVID 19 KPI as hand hygiene compliance, isolation precautions, supply of PPE, staff awareness on COVID 19, compliance on patient education, patient staff ratio.

She said that it is essential to create SMART (S – Specific, M – Measurable, A – Attainable, R – Relevant, T – Time-bound) KPI. Finally, "KPI process is not a one time job. It should be continuous and sustained throughout to improve the performance and quality of every department/process”.