Lecture Session on “Stress Management and Reflection”

December 03, 2022

Dr. Toni Bewley, the Adjunct Faculty of MCON and Senior Lecturer, School of Nursing, EdgeHill UK, and Mr. Ross Sheridan, Faculty from EdgeHill, organized a session on “Stress Management and Reflection” as part of Global Placement Bursaries for Health Partnerships (GPBHP) for BSc Nursing students of Manipal College of Nursing. This interactive session was conducted on 24th November 2022 between 3.00 pm – 5.00 pm, which included sharing the stressful experiences undergone by the students in both academic and clinical placement areas and methods of how they were able to overcome the same. Mr. Ross Sheridon further discussed the various relaxation techniques available to use during any stressful event. A total of 18 BSc Nursing students participated in the session.