Department of Fundamentals of Nursing, MCON Manipal organized an online debate for 1st year BSc Nursing students through MS teams platform on “Online Vs. Offline Education” on 9th October 2020. The debate helped the students to think critically and share their views on the given topic.

Four teams with three students in each team participated in the Debate. Two teams spoke in favour of online education, and the other two teams spoke for offline education.

Debater from the team online education said it is a useful teaching method for the new generation and has more flexibility. Advances in technology makes online teaching more effective. They also contributed by saying many students in the classroom environment aren’t comfortable talking in public. They feel free to clarify their doubts through online education. Online education helps to save money that they need to spend on campus stay, food, and parking.

Debater from the team offline education said it allows the teachers and students for more interaction. Pandemic is one reason where we depend more on online education. A student who resides in the remote areas finds it difficult to access online education due to poor internet connectivity which may affect their learning. In the online mode of education, the teacher cannot monitor the students directly they need to be more self-responsible for their learning. Offline education allows students to meet their teachers to clarify their doubts directly and improve their clinical practice skills and also actively engage themselves in extracurricular activities.

In conclusion, students said it is very essential to learn the skills to provide care to the individuals but this may not be possible in online education. A student from the audience explained the difficulty that they are facing by watching the slides for a long time in the online mode and also he said it increases the screen time.

The moderator concluded by saying that online and offline education has to go hand in hand based on the situation. But practical skills are essential in the nursing profession, so offline education is very much needed to develop clinical skills.