Report of World Health Day- 2017 Theme: Depression: Let’s Talk

World Health Day 2017 was observed by the Department of Community Health Nursing, Manipal College of Nursing (MCON), MU in association with Manipal Centre for Professional & Personal Development, Manipal Academy of Higher Education on 7th & 8th April 2017 for the students and faculty respectively.

April 08, 2017

On 7th of April, the programme was started with the welcome address by Dr ShashidharaY N, HOD, Community Health Nursing, MCON, MU. The programme was inaugurated by Dr P.V. Bhandary, Medical Director, Dr A.V. Baliga memorial hospital, Udupi and Dr Sudhakar Nayak, Director, Manipal Centre for Professional & Personal Development. Dr Tessy Treesa Jose, HOD, Mental Health Nursing, MCON, introduced the theme for this year as Depression: Let’s Talk and also addressed the gathering and highlighted on worldwide and national level prevalence of depression, the stigma associated with depression and need for creating awareness among the public.  

The inauguration was followed by the session on “Depression in Adolescence by Dr PV Bhandary. In his address he mentioned the pressures in life such as pressure to perform, confirm and reform which leads to adolescent depression and emphasised early identification of symptom and make use of various services which are available to promote mental health. He also conveyed that depression is a medical illness and should not be stigmatised. 

Dr Sudhakar Nayak attracted the students with his magical words of Buddha and explained that negative thoughts in one’s life lead to depression, and he motivated the young generation to adopt positive thoughts in order to have harmony in life. He advised various tips to overcome depression. 


Mrs Savitha, Assistant Professor, MCON MU focused on various management strategies and lifestyle modifications to prevent depression. The programme came to an end with the vote of thanks by Mrs Ansuya, Programme Coordinator.

On 8th April, a session on “Depression: Work life balance” for the faculty was conducted by Dr P V Bhandary. He addressed the faculty regarding importance of having harmony between Self, Community, Family, Friends and Workplace. One should balance their work and life with three approaches, ie, “Aware, Analyse and Action”. Dr Sudhakar Nayak addressed that, “Death is uncertain, Life is to live fully, therefore it is important to maintain harmony among People, Things, Body and Mind.
Ms Manaya, 4th year BSc Nursing student and Mrs Reshma, Lecturer were MC for the two days programme. The event was coordinated by Dr Shashidhara YN and Mrs Ansuya, Community Health Nursing, MCON, MU.