Report on National Deworming Day Program 2024

February 13, 2024

National Deworming Day was observed on February 12, 2024, by the Department of Community Health Nursing and 5th Semester BSc Nursing students of Manipal College of Nursing in association with Primary Health Center Pernankila. A sensitization program was organized for the school children of Aided Higher Primary School, Kodibettu.

Dr. Ansuya, Assistant Professor-Selection Grade, Department of Community Health Nursing, MCON, delivered a talk on the causes, clinical manifestations, and prevention of soil-transmitted helminths. She highlighted practices of healthy habits like no open defecation, wearing chappals while attending toilets, thorough hand washing after attending the toilets, and washing fruits and vegetables before eating and eating properly cooked food, especially meat, pork, etc.

Mrs Dakshayini Nayak, Senior Health supervisor, PHC Pernankila, spoke on the government's contributions to deworming, the importance of taking a deworming tablet, and guidelines to be followed while consuming it.

The 5th semester BSc Nursing students exhibited a role play on worm infestations and their management. Also demonstrated methods of hand washing and made school children to re-demonstrate. All children, staff members of the school, and mid-day meal cooks actively participated in the hand hygiene demonstration.

Mrs. Preethi, Community Health Officer, and Ms Supritha, Field Nurse, are also involved in the programme. Mrs Vidya, the headmistress of Kodibettu School, appreciated the program and its usefulness in school children's day-to-day activities.

A total of 45 students participated in the program. This health awareness contributes to Sustainable Development Goals 3 (Good Health and Well-Being) and 4 (Quality Education). This program was coordinated by Dr. Ansuya, Assistant Professor-Selection Grade, Department of Community Health Nursing, and supported by Dr. Shashidhara YN, Professor & HoD, Department of Community Health Nursing.