Debate on Nursing As A Profession

Fundamentals of nursing department organised a debate for 1st year BSc nursing students on the topic “Nursing as a Profession” on 9th September 2016.

October 18, 2016

Every year the department organises this debate to make students aware of the extended and expanded roles of nurse and to also orient them about the changes that have taken place in the nursing profession, promoting confidence and development of pride in the profession.
Two teams spoke for and against the topic, each team consisting of two members. The supporting team elaborated on nursing as a profession by highlighting the points on nursing service globally, higher education, good remuneration, job security, affiliation to national regulatory body’s recognised worldwide and independent body of knowledge. The team speaking against the topic put forward their view that nursing is not a profession as service for humanity can be done by even non-professionals, student turnover rate is high as the course is very demanding. They also debated that, formal training is not required to be a nurse, just by seeing learning can take place for the skill needed to serve the sick.
In conclusion, students said that, we need to care for the people being professionals. They emphasized on not concentrating more on money making, but to focus on service to humanity. 

A students in the audience strongly expressed that nursing is a profession, as they are true angels and that we do care for a wide variety of people with illness, for that we really need a professional education and practice.
The moderator concluded by describing a practical scenario, giving insight into the various roles of a nurse as well as strongly stating that nursing is a profession where we learn to take attention to detail because of the knowledge skill and attitude developed during the course of the study. This not only gives us a career but develops us into strong minded individuals capable of caring for all people around us.