Adjunct Faculty Lecture Session on "Decision Making"

October 09, 2023

Dr. Toni Bewley, the Adjunct Faculty of MCON and Senior Teaching Fellow and Program Lead, School of Nursing, EdgeHill UK, deliberated a session on "Decision Making" to 3rd semester BSc Nursing students on 25.09.2022 between 2.00 and 3.00 pm. She explained the topic by incorporating relevant clinical scenarios to enhance the decision-making ability of the students. She further discussed the professionalism and code of conduct requirement for the nurses to enhance early patient care decision-making. She also said good practice guidelines and holism in patient care boost clinical nursing practice.  

Sixty students from the 3rd-semester MCON and four from EdgeHill University, UK, participated in the lecture session. 

This guest lecture session helped in achieving the following Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)  

SDG 4: Quality Education