Guest Lecture at MCON Manipal

July 12, 2019

Guest lecture on the topic “Near Death Experience in India (case study) and cultural practices” was organized by Engagement and Alumni Relations pillar of MCON on 11th July, 2019 at 9 am in GFATM classroom.

Ms Linju Ann Alias, Quality Tester at Brampton, Ontario, Canada and Alumnus of MCON Manipal (BSc nursing 2004-08 batch, MSc nursing 2009-11 batch, MPhil nursing 2011-13 batch) discussed her experiences regarding Near Death Experience in India (case study) and justified how exactly it has an impact on every individuals life. Total of 25 faculty members and PhD scholars were present for the session. Participants clarified their doubts regarding researchers’ experience of collecting data and challenges faced during this case study.