MCON -SRF Webinar Series 4- ‘Finding research topics and building basic knowledge’

Manipal College of Nursing - Student Research Forum, MAHE, Manipal, organized the fourth session of the year-long webinar series on ‘Finding research topics and building basic knowledge’ on 14th May 2022, from 4 pm to 5 pm. The Resource Person for the session was Dr. Ramesh C, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Medical-Surgical Nursing, Sri Ramachandra Faculty of Nursing, Chennai, India.

Dr. Ramesh shared his knowledge and personal experiences regarding different aspects of finding research topics and building basic knowledge. He encouraged students to select the research topic in which the student is interested and explained the importance of a research guide for the student research project. He also highlighted some of the databases for searching for research articles.

The session was very informative and provided a well-appreciated guide for the new researchers to plan research activities in nursing. A total of 39 participants, including undergraduate & postgraduate students, Ph.D. scholars, and project staff of MCON attended the session. E-certificates were given to all the participants.