Team-Expanding Reach and Internationalization organized an International Interactive Seminar series on “Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic & Strategies for mitigation”

“Save one life you’re a hero, save 100 lives and you are a nurse”

COVID-19 pandemic recreated an opportunity to link with the international partners of MCON so as to share ideas, info and practices that are most relevant during the trying times. Nothing was more relevant than having a virtual interactive series covering large group pf professionals such as health sciences, technical and people from different walks of life getting to share on this common platform. The virtual seminar had its magnitude of 3,782 participants across the 10 session series.

We began our journey on 23rd June 2020, with the international virtual seminar inaugurated by Dr H Vinod Bhat, the Vice Chancellor of MAHE, Manipal as the chief guest of the event. Dr Bhat has clearly highlighted the importance of MAHE playing a very significant role in bridging the gaps during this pandemic through activities that connects and rekindle our MoU partners and alumni, engaging the health care professionals with facts and figures and innovative strategies to curb this novel COVID-19 impact on our society at large. Manipal was honored to have Dr Roy K George, TNAI President with us during the inauguration. During his keynote address, gave the audience a strong support to work towards health care sustainability through innovative approach and collaborative practice and building employment for nurses achieve and maintain Sustainable development goals. 

Dr Anice George, Professor and Dean and the organizing chairperson of this virtual series delivered the presidential address highlighting the enormous amount of efforts the nursing college at Manipal gives in for the nursing fraternity. Be it academic or research, Manipal has in a way made remarkable contributions for the nursing professionals. She prominently spoke on the need for nursing leadership and careful activities that can help manage the pandemic rightly. She recalls the many lives lost.

Dr Raghu AR, the Director of International collaborations was also present and motivated the team for a way forward.

The team of MCON was able to attract a spectacular crowd of 3,783 participants who took part in the series. Every series had approximately 378 participants who would interact through queries well answered by each speaker. We were fortunate to have 12 international speakers basically our MoU partners and collaborators and 11 internal speakers of great caliber. Alongside we had 21 moderators to make the event lively and well connected. The program was compered by Dr Elsa Sanatombi Devi, the organizing convener of the virtual seminar series.

Valedictory Session

10th July 2020 at 5pm

“Every story has an end, but in life, every ending is just a new beginning”

Dr Elsa Sanatombi Devi, Professor and Convener welcomed the chief guest Dr Raghu AR, Director International collaborations and Dr. Anice George, Dean, MCON & Organizing Chaiperson of this virtual series who also made her remarks as an organizing secretary. She mentioned with clear vision that the 10 days long virtual seminar series were totally engaging. The number of participants showed how enthusiastic they were and that was due to selection of right topic for the right time. This difficult times will soon vanish and we need to create more innovative ways to teach and make our students learn with positive impact on their career outcome. The challenging moments are the opportunities on which health professionals must utilize fruitfully.  She also made a remark saying “MCON, MAHE will not leave any opportunities on our way. We will do our best to pay more attention to the sustainable goals of the country through our little contributions”. She thanked Dr H Vinod Bhat, the Executive, Vice President, MAHE the then Vice Chancellor who appreciated and inaugurated the 10 days long seminar series. Dr Anice also thanked Dr Roy K George for his willing and happy acceptance to give his keynote address and assuring nurses’ employment for health care sustainability.    

We welcomed on board Dr Raghu AR, Director-International collaborations at MAHE, Manipal who gave the presidential address and made an impact in the lives of the young graduates by pronouncing various facilities the University has created so that Nurses could get direct access to IELTS learning center free of cost and test Centre from this summer onwards. He also highlighted the glimpses of the processing in collaboration with NHS, UK.  He further emphasized on expansion of opportunities for MAHE students and faculty exchange program that can bridge the gaps that exist. Dr Raghu believes in positive networking for collaboration and research projects. He firmly made a note that these series of seminars and the speakers’ caliber can enhance research collaborations across the globe.  This virtual 10 series are methodically organized and he appreciated the TEAM: Expansion Reach and internationalization for venturing into this difficult trying times leaving no stone unturned.

Feedback from the participant (By Ms Sunita Verma, Simla)

Nursing besides being noble, is an ever evolving profession, with empathy and inventiveness being the driving force behind quality patient care. Amidst the COVID-19 chaos, it was our profession that marched at the frontline. Digital campaigns and webinars prove to be a virtual boon and more so, it being organized by reputed institutions like Manipal College of Nursing, MAHE, Manipal. It was a matter of immense privilege and pride for me to be a part of this thought provoking webinar on the topic “Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic and Strategies for Mitigation”. I would like to congratulate Dr. Anice George, Dean and Organizing Chairperson and Dr. Elsa Sanatombi Devi, Professor and Convener, MCON, for organizing this wonderful webinar and seeing it through with perfection. It was an honor to have Dr. H Vinod Bhat, Vice Chancellor, MAHE Manipal as the chief guest for the inauguration of the virtual seminar series.

All the ten sessions gave us deep insights into arenas like, digital teaching tools for health care professionals, impact of Covid-19 on various special groups, psychological rehabilitation, patient safety, impact on education and practice, role of medical and nursing policy makers, emerging opportunities for nurses and many more, and also all were managed by experts from various fields.

This webinar had several positive outcomes which I would like to share briefly, first it was a catalyst in getting us connected globally and making us aware of all the recent innovative developments and strategies that can be employed for quality patient care sitting right from our homes and work spaces. Second, it will help in psychological and physiological management of the pandemic stricken population and the health care workers. Not only did we overcome the barriers of distance, time and place due to the crisis, but this webinar will also help us to overcome all the challenges posed by COVID-19.

To sum up, a heartiest congratulation to the whole team of Manipal College of Nursing, MAHE Manipal for this successful educative webinars which has tremendously enhanced our knowledge and will surely contribute to growth of our profession. Dr Shashidhara YN, Professor & Head Community Nursing department proposed the vote of thanks.