Based on the UGC directives, as part of the Fit India program, the Sports Committee of Manipal College of Nursing (MCON), Manipal has organised a session for the 3rd year BSc Nursing students of MCON on 27th March 2021 between 2:30 pm & 3:30 pm through Microsoft Teams online Platform.

A session on ‘Importance of nutrition in physical fitness’ was arranged and Ms Swathy Acharya K, Assistant Professor – Senior Scale at Department of Dietetics and Applied Nutrition, WGSHA, MAHE, Manipal was the Resource Person for the same. Dr Melita Sheilini, Sports Advisor, MCON welcomed and introduced the speaker to the participants.

Ms Swathy, in her talk, highlighted the ‘my plate concept’ for promoting health. Also emphasized on the fat facts explaining the ill effects of trans fats. The six ways to practice mindful eating was detailed with tips on certain healthy eating habits in order to remain fit. The dietary sources for boosting the immunity also was illuminated and the students were made to jog their memory on the significance of physical and recreational activities as means of a confidence booster and remedy for many of the health problems when it goes parallel with the consumption of a balanced diet.

The talk, in fact, alerted the importance of nourishment on health. Most importantly, the session echoed the benefits of eating breakfast and the bad effects of skipping breakfast with a reminder on the negative influence of micronutrient deficiency on health. Health hazards of alcoholism, smoking and obesity were briefed with a positive note on why it is important to be active every day. Special mention was made on the FAD diets and their impact on health. The session concluded with the note on the route for healthy and fit life i.e to remember that ‘every time we eat or drink we are either feeding disease or fighting it’. Overall, the session was very interesting and made each one of us think positively to stay fit, happy and healthy. A total of 75 students attended the session and it was concluded with the words of gratitude expressed by Dr Melita.