SNA 2019-20 Handing Over Report

Student Nurses Association 2019-2020 organised a handing-over ceremony on December 16, 2020 at 10 am through virtual mode via MS Teams. Ms Melvita Beconiya Andrade, SNA Club Secretary 2019-20, the Maser of Ceremony, delivered the introductory note. This was followed by welcome speech by Ms Amala Martin, SNA Vice President 2019-20.

Dr Judith A Noronha, Associate Dean, Manipal College of Nursing, Manipal addressed all the students. The 2nd issue of ‘MCON DRONE’, a bi-annual E-Newsletter with reports of all events and activities of SNA that took place after the release of first e-newsletter was released by Dr Judith Noronha. Mrs Laveena Anitha Barboza, SNA Advisor 2019-20, Manipal College of Nursing, Manipal appreciated and thanked all the office bearers and advisors for their support in carrying out SNA activities. Ms Tenzin Nordon, SNA Education committee chairperson 2019-20, presented the compiled SNA Report of various committees. The report presentation was followed by the virtual handing over of SNA to the cabinet members of SNA 2020-21 by Ms Amala Martin, SNA Vice President 2019-20. Mr Simson Dsouza, the President of SNA 2020-21, during his address to the gathering, requested all the students to actively participate in all the SNA activities with full enthusiasm. The programme was concluded at 10:50 am with vote of thanks by Ms Sahana, SNA Joint Secretary, 2019-20. There were a total of 27 faculty members and 72 students present for the handing over. The SNA president Mr Simson and Associate Dean Dr Judith A Noronha appreciated the support given by Mrs Laveena Barboza and

Mr Anil Raj SNA advisors of 2019-2020 and all the faculty advisors of various committees of SNA 2019-20.