Faculty and students celebrate International Nurses Day

May 17, 2014

The faculty and students of Manipal College of Nursing and Manipal School of Nursing  Manipal celebrated the International Nurses' day from May 9 to 12, 2014. On the concluding day, a seminar was held on the theme “Nurses: A force for change- A vital resource for health” at Dr. T.M.A.Pai Hall, Manipal Academy of Higher Education.

A seminar was organized for all the undergraduate students of nursing by Medical Surgical Nursing department of MCON on the opening day as well. Dr. R.Venugopal from School of Management, Manipal Academy of Higher Education spoke on the topic ‘How to face an interview’. Dr. Anice George, Dean MCON delivered a session on ‘professionalism and workplace etiquette’. Quiz and poster competitions were held on 10th May by Department of Mental Health Nursing, MCON and  Manipal School of Nursing, Manipal respectively.

 The Formal program on 12th May began with the debate competition on the topic ‘Whether Higher Education in Nursing is required for Changing Clinical Practice?’ The Chief Guest was Dr. Larissa Martha Sams, Principal, Laxmi Memorial College of Nursing, Mangalore. She spoke on the significance of the theme of International Nurses’ Day 2014. In her speech she emphasized on the fact that the nurses have a great responsibility to improve the health of the population as well as to contribute towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals thus acting as a force for change. Today nursing has evolved into a profession with wealth of skills and professional knowledge. Nurses are the largest group of health professionals, who are the closest and often the only available health workers to the public. Sufficient, adequately trained and motivated nurses are essential for the health of the population. Equitable access to necessary health services of good quality cannot be achieved without an adequate number of appropriately prepared nurses. The strengthening of primary health care will be essential in addressing the burden of chronic disease as well as in reaching the most vulnerable and marginalised members of society and nurses will play a key role in this. Mrs. Gulabi, one of the senior Auxillary Nurse Midwife from RMCW center, Katpady was felicitated during the program for her contribution to nursing for 37 years. Prizes were distributed to the winners of various events held. A walkathon was also organized as a part of the celebration. All the faculty and students of Manipal College of Nursing and Manipal School of Nursing, Manipal took part in the walkathon. Around 25 placards were carried by the students and faculty with the slogans on health teaching aspects for the public. To mention a few: Strength Hope Courage we walk for a cause; Health is your right; Caring is essence of Nursing; Say no to drugs; Stop smoking it causes choking and so on. Walkathon flag off was done by Dr. Ullas Kamath, Dean, Melaka Manipal Medical College (MMMC), MU, Manipal.

Closing ceremony was organized at Madhav Vihar,Manipal at 5.30pm.Dr. Muddu Mohan IAS, Deputy Commissioner & District Magistrate, Udupi district, Mr.S.Yogeshwar, Asst. Commissioner, Dr.G.K. Prabhu, Registrar, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal, Dr. Ramachandra Bairy, District Health Officer, Udupi district and Dr. Anice George, Dean, Manipal College of Nursing, Manipal were the dignitaries for the program. Dr.Kasturi R Adiga, Principal ,Manipal School of Nursing, Manipal welcomed the gathering.

Dr. Muddu Mohan IAS, Deputy Commissioner & District Magistrate, Udupi district in his speech emphasized on the fact that nursing is a noble profession and the whole principle of healthcare profession stands on selfless service. But unfortunately it is getting so much commercialized and corporatized. Despite these things nurses should not forget the novel principle behind the profession. He also mentioned that the only two professions which provide tremendous job satisfaction are teaching and health services. Earning should not be the main motto. The Main motto of the nursing profession is service.

Dr.G.K.Prabhu, Registrar, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal emphasized on the roles of a nurse as to be SMART (S-Simplicity, M-Multitasking, A-Attitude, R-Reliability and T-Time bound). He also said that hospital need not spend anything for its branding, if they have good nurses that itself is a good branding.

Dr. Ramachandra Bairy, District Health Officer, Udupi district emphasized on the 5 major indicators of health i.e Maternal Mortality Rate, Infant Mortality Rate, Still birth, Under five deaths and institutional deliveries. The mother and child health will improve tremendously if all these 5 indicators are taken care. He also stressed on the importance of preventing anemia in pregnancy, Immunization coverage, Malaria,TB and HIV as the most common communicable diseases and mental illnesses leading to suicidal attempts, cancer, Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiovascular diseases and stroke as the major non communicable diseases in Udupi district. Also he emphasized on the higher incidence of death due to road traffic accidents among young adults in Udupi district. He said that if we concentrate on these issues, by 2020 we can achieve better health for the people of Udupi District. As the first line care providers nurses have the greater responsibility of  providing care and protecting the health of the public.

Dr. Mamatha S Pai, Professor, MCON, Manipal spoke on the importance of  International Nurses Day and emphasized on the significance of higher education in nursing in preparing nurses to provide better health services to the public. Nurses play a vital role in patient care and have a major responsibility of making the public aware about their role. She also expressed her experience on the development of Manipal and the Manipal College of Nursing since its inception. Dr.Judith A.Noronha, Associate Dean, MCON, Manipal gave the vote of thanks.