Leading Across- Creative Humility Leadership Workshop

May 18, 2023

"Leading Across- Creative Humility Leadership” workshop was organized by Manipal College of Nursing (MCON), Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Manipal in collaboration with the Trained Nurses’ Association (TNAI) of India Karnataka State Branch on the 15th and 16th of May 2023 MAHE, Manipal.

The workshop was inaugurated on 15th May 2023, at the Dr. TMA Pai Auditorium KMC, Manipal by Dr. Sharath Kumar Rao K, Pro-Vice Chancellor MAHE, Manipal. Dr Judith Angelitta Noronha, Dean, Manipal College of Nursing welcomed the gathering. A brief overview of the conference was given by Dr. Elsa Sanatombi Devi, Professor Department of Medical-Surgical Nursing, MCON Manipal, QMR, Deputy Director, CCEID, MAHE Manipal. Dr. Theresa L Mendonca, Chairperson of Nursing Research & Education, TNAI Karnataka State branch representative was also present.

The chief guest Dr. Sharath Kumar Rao K, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Health Sciences), MAHE, Manipal, in his address, focused on the importance of acquiring creativity, humility, and qualities in being a good leader. He stressed the basic skills needed in every leader, especially in the healthcare arena. He also spoke about the importance of being progressive and moving along with the changing generation and technological advancement in the area.

The program was concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Tessy Treesa Jose, Professor & Associate Dean, MCON. The event was hosted by Dr. Sushmitha R Karkada, Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecological Nursing, and Mrs. Seelia Peter, PhD Scholar, Department of Medical Surgical Nursing, MCON, MAHE.

Day 1: 15th May 2023

Day 1 of the workshop started with an oration in memory of Prof. (Late) P. P. Bhanumathi followed by a session on “Sustainability Drive and Leadership Action” by Dr Jothi Clara Michael, Director of Nursing IHH Healthcare, India on 15th May 2023, at 10:00 am. Dr. Jothi emphasized the importance of sustainability drive in today’s world and the need to become a good leader. She spoke about the six key areas to position organizations for the future. She introduced new sustainable leadership models for leaders along with the comparison to the older models. She also spoke about business sustainability and resilience and their crucial role among nurse leaders.

The session was moderated by Dr. Christopher Sudhakar, Director-Quality, MAHE, Manipal.

The second session of the workshop was on “Leadership-Humility-Efficiency” by Dr. Sudhakar Nayak, Former Director, Manipal Centre for Professional and Personal Development, MAHE. Dr Nayak highlighted the qualities of how to be an efficient leader by being a good problem solver and decision maker. He also emphasized how to resolve conflicts, confusion, and dilemmas by reflecting on our thoughts and still retaining purity and innocence despite the chaos.

The third plenary session was by Dr. Ganesh Nayak, Assistant Professor (Senior Scale), Department of Instrumentation & Controlled Engineering and Coordinator of Outdoor Centre, MAHE, Manipal on “Creative Leadership Team Building”. Dr. Ganesh gave a perspective on the importance of goals, potentials, and dreams in creative leadership with the support of his journey from engineering to cycling through the Himalayas. He emphasized on dreaming BIG, how to chase our dreams, and how we should listen to our inner voice to achieve them. He also stressed that there are two types of education we should follow: “to teach how to make a living and how to live it”.

The next session of the day was deliberated by Dr. Hemalatha R, NLP Transformation Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Universal College of Nursing, Bangalore on “Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Leadership”. In her discourse, she mentioned the various aspects to become a transformational leader. She also introduced how NLP would help in developing leadership qualities. She also conducted various activities that enhanced creative thinking, boost self-motivation and confidence among the blooming leaders.

The last plenary session of the day was delivered by Prof. Tanuja Maben, Performance Coach, Mind Trainer & Therapist Director Forrader on “Redesign your mind for the 21st Century Initiatives”. She accentuated the psychology of our minds and the importance of training our minds to adapt to specific environments by inculcating our personal thought and inferences to the changing times. She conducted various activities to make one understand the concepts where one should bring out their inner child in them to relate and cope with new challenges and be innovative in thinking.

Day 2: 16th May 2023

Day 2 of the workshop started with an oration in memory of (Late) Dr. Aparna Bhaduri followed by a session on “Priority Setting for Global Collaborative Research” by Dr Judith A Noronha, Professor & Dean, MCON, Manipal on 16th May 2023, at 8:30 am. Dr. Judith emphasized the collaboration with different units or departments and how it helps in valuing the perspectives of others which will help in creating awareness, enhancing knowledge, improving the efficiency of research, and thus help in priority setting. Dr Judith also stressed the process of priority setting, reprise reporting guidelines as well as context and scope of research. She concluded by encouraging clinical nurses to take part and conduct research in their respective fields. The session was moderated by Dr. Larissa Martha Sams, Professor & Principal, Laxmi Memorial College of Nursing.

The second session of the workshop was on “Power of Empathetic Relationship” by Dr. Linu Sara George, Professor & Head, Department of Fundamentals of Nursing, MCON, Manipal. Dr. Linu highlighted the necessity of empathy in leaders. She also spoke about the qualities of a leader and how to improve empathy to enhance leadership skills and qualities. In addition, she also spoke about the transformation of nurses so that their compassion proceeds beyond sympathy and empathy to be a successful leader.

The third session was deliberated by Dr. Elsa Sanatombi Devi, Professor & QMR, MCON and Deputy Director, CCEID, MAHE, Manipal on “Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Leadership for Internalization”. Dr. Elsa reiterates that emotional balance and its maintenance are the basic requirements of leadership. She also discussed the influencing factors of ego in leadership and decision-making, the five qualities of a successful leader which include awareness, acknowledgment, appreciation, acceptance and act.

Dr. Tatiyana Mandal, Dr. Sushmitha Karkada, and Dr. Elsa Sanatombi Devi, facilitated “Team Building & Group Dynamics Activities”. The session started with a game-based learning activity on team building with a debriefing. Dr. Tatiyana Mandal also explained extensively during her session on characteristics of an effective team and the stages of Group Dynamics. In addition to that, she also discussed leadership skills and the ways to build a successful team in the workplace.

The closing ceremony of the workshop was held with words of gratitude by the workshop convenor, Dr Elsa Sanatombi Devi followed by the distribution of certificates to all the participants. Workshop was appreciated by the participants, Prof. Saroja Jaykumar. Dr. Judith A Noronha, Dean, Manipal College of Nursing congratulated the organizing team for organizing the workshop successfully. A total of 56 nurse leaders from academics and clinical practice attended the workshop. Dr Sanjay M Peerapur, Principal, KLES Institute of Nursing Sciences, Hubli was appointed as the observer by Karnataka State Nursing Council and the workshop was awarded 10 credits.