Guest Lecture on “Love and Gratitude”

August 03, 2023

Department of Medical Surgical Nursing, Manipal College of Nursing, MAHE, Manipal, organized a captivating guest lecture titled "Love and Gratitude", on 3rd August 2023. An hour-long session commenced at 10:30 am, targeting first-semester BSc Nursing students.

The distinguished speaker, Mrs. Priyanka Krishnan, Assistant Professor, Department of Clinical Psychology, MAHE, Manipal, led the discussion. She touched on various relevant topics such as positive psychology, its significance in promoting wellbeing, and its role in the mental health field. The lecture explored the concept of love and gratitude indepth, elucidating the importance of these emotions in healthcare.

She explained how gratitude therapy works at an unconscious level, encouraging individuals to focus on the positives in their lives, thus fostering a healthier self-image and overall mental well-being. Mrs. Krishnan skillfully highlighted the potential benefits of incorporating these techniques into everyday practice.

The lecture was both interesting and inspiring, providing a comprehensive understanding of these concepts and their practical implications. It garnered participation from a total of 132 attendees, consisting of 1st semester BSc Nursing students and faculty members of the college.

The enriching session concluded promptly at 11:30 am. By focusing on love and gratitude, the lecture provided a fresh perspective to the attendees on maintaining mental health in the field of healthcare. The session contributes to the SDG: Goal 3 - Good health and well being.