March 21, 2023

The United Nations Decade of Healthy Ageing (2021–2030) is a global collaboration, aligned with the last ten years of the Sustainable Development Goals, to improve the lives of older people, their families, and the communities in which they live. Older people require a comprehensive set of services to prevent, slow, or reverse declines in their physical and mental capacities. These services need to be delivered to meet the person’s needs (person-centered) and coordinated between different health and social care providers. In this regard, the Health Education Committee of the Student Nurses Association (SNA) – 2022-23 of Manipal College of Nursing, MAHE, Manipal organized an awareness program on “Healthy ageing” on 20th March 2023 in Shree Krishna Vradhashrama at Moodubettu, Kodavoor. Udupi
Mr. Praveen Lancy Serrao, a student of 4th year BSc Nursing welcomed the gathering. The prayer song was sung by Ms. Neha Noronha, 4th year BSc (N), and the group. The session on “Healthy ageing” was delivered by Mrs. Loretta, II year MSc Nursing, and displayed a video on healthy ageing. She also emphasized maintaining physical and mental health with a balanced diet, physical activities, adequate rest and sleep, following safety measures, and as well as to remain free from stress by practicing meditation and prayer. All inmates actively participated in the session and clarified their concerns during the discussion. The health education committee representatives Ms. Crystal V Noronha, and Shaina Andrade, 3rd year BSc(N) performed a dance. Varieties of games were conducted for the inmates of the home and prizes were distributed o the winners.
The program was coordinated by Health Education committee chairperson Ms. Frenita Martis, 4th year BSc nursing and Mrs. Loretta 2nd year MSc Nursing, guided and supported by Dr. Yashoda Sathish, Assistant Professor, Department of Child Health Nursing, and Mr. Raghavendra Nayak, Lecturer, Department of Medical-Surgical Nursing, MCON, MAHE, Manipal. The student representatives of the health education committee actively participated in the program. The overall program was compered by Mr. Praveen Lancy Serrao, 4th year BSc (N). A total number of 20 participants benefitted from the program and it was well appreciated by the participants and in-charge of the Shree Krishna Vradhashram Mr. Krishnamoorthy Acharya. He also thanked the MCON SNA health education committee for organizing a very beneficial program for the inmates of the ashram.