Building Effective Interprofessional Team in health care

January 09, 2024

MAHE FAIMER International Institute, in collaboration with MGH Health Profession Education, Boston, Manipal College of Nursing, and CCEID, jointly organized effective interprofessional team building for quality teaching and practice. Faculty and students from Medicine, Dental, Nursing, Pharmacy Practice, Pathology, Allied, Reproductive Science, Commerce, Microbiology, Basic Medical Science, and MGH Boston students actively took part in the team-building activities. Learning with fun-filled activities made the interprofessional teams engage effectively. The workshop was inaugurated by Dr Judith A Noronha, Dean MCON, Professor Elissa Ladd, and Dr Kaveri M Roy MGH Boston graced the occasion with glimpses of effective interprofessional dreams coming true. Dynamic group activities were initiated by Dr. Elsa Sanatombi Devi, Director, MAHE FAIMER Institute; Dr. Ramprasad, Professor and Head of Public Dentistry, MCODS Manipal; and Dr. Sushmitha R. Karkada, Assistant Professor, MCON, MAHE, Manipal, who actively engaged in effective interprofessional team building.

Experiences of IMPACT practice at Boston Healthcare were demonstrated by the MGH Boston students in groups that did real-life learning.