CNE Session

The IQAC cell & CNE committee of Manipal College of Nursing MAHE, Manipal organized a CNE session to the faculty of MCON & MSON on “Identification and remedial measures for slow and advanced learners” on 07.11.2020. Dr Shalini Aiyappa Ittira, Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Psychology, St Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangalore was the resource person for the session. In her session, she mentioned on different types of memory and highlighted on importance of working memory and explained ways of strengthening and strategies to improve so that it creates intellectual excitement in students which in turn motivates them to perform better. She also mentioned that space where student can do/ perform with minimum assistance from teachers/mentors is Zone of Proximity and it is teacher's responsibility to develop zone of proximity. Dr Shalini also focused on remedial measures like peer mentoring, reward schemes to empower “not yet” and explained her experience of initiating Teacher Assistants program which brought a great impact on student learning. A total of 70 faculty participated actively in the session.