Report of World Tuberculosis Day- 2016

As Part of World Tuberculosis Day 2016, the faculty of Community Health Nursing and Medical Surgical Nursing of Manipal College of Nursing (MCON) Manipal, Manipal Academy of Higher Education Manipal organized Socio Drama on 18th March 2016 at Tiger Circle, Manipal.

March 19, 2016

The programme started at 5:00 pm with a welcome speech by Dr.Shashidhara Y N, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Community Health Nursing, MCON, Manipal. A warm welcome was given to the public gathered, the resource persons, faculty and the students of Manipal College of Nursing, Manipal. The reason for gathering there, i.e. to create awareness on the infectious disease Tuberculosis by organizing World Tuberculosis Day was briefed to the public.

Mr.Suresh, Public Private Mix Coordinator of District Tuberculosis Prevention and Control Department, Udupi in his speech said that in 1882 the organism causing Tuberculosis i.e the Mycobacterium Tuberculosis was detected by a scientist Mr.Robert Koch. Since then, every year, March 24th is celebrated as the World Tuberculosis Day in the entire world. He mainly emphasized on the Tuberculosis control activities in Udupi district. He said in Udupi district every year 800-1000 people are detected to be Tuberculosis positive either Pulmonary or extra pulmonary. There are about 18 Designated Microscopic Centers in Udupi District which mainly carries out the activities of sputum test which is the mainstream diagnostic technique for Tuberculosis. Udupi district is 85% successful in preventing and controlling Tuberculosis and it stands third in the state in its activities of prevention and control of Tuberculosis. He stressed on the main four salient features of Tuberculosis such as cough more than two weeks, weight loss, blood in the sputum and evening rise of temperature. He said if anyone is suffering with these symptoms, it is very important to get tested for Tuberculosis. Tuberculosis can be cured completely, if the treatment is taken for the complete course of 6-8 months. If the treatment is discontinued, the person develops drug resistant TB and the treatment duration increases from 24-25 months. The Government of India under RNTCP is spending Rs.12,000 – 13,000 per person for the complete treatment. For the drug resistant cases the treatment cost increases up to 2-2.5 lakh/person. 

He made it very clear to the public that the money spent by the Government is not from any other sources but it is our own money. He also emphasized on the fact that every time when a person with Tuberculosis is coughing around 40,000 bacetrias comes out and will be inhaled by others. When immunity decreases, the person exposed will get infected. So, cough hygiene is very important. Udupi district at present is treating around 600-676 Tuberculosis patients and also supplying them with protein rich diet. He urged the public to strive hard to eradicate Tuberculosis from India in the same way how the Polio Programme is aimed towards eradicating polio from our country. Continuing his speech, he said this is possible only through early detection, complete treatment and following precautionary measures. 

Mr.Prabhath Kalkura, Former GFATM project coordinator of Manipal College of Nursing, Manipal, who is the present Project Manager World Diabetes Foundation Project, Kasturba Hospital Manipal, emphasized on the stigma associated with Tuberculosis and how to prevent and get Tuberculosis cured. He also stressed on the importance of sputum test for the early diagnosis and success of the Tuberculosis treatment. He said that there is always fear associated with Tuberculosis and people misbelieve that there is no treatment for Tuberculosis and people looking weak are labeled to be Tuberculosis patients. He opined that it is better to be confirmed than living with misconceptions about Tuberculosis. It is also important to maintain personal hygiene as well as taking protein rich diet while taking medicines for Tuberculosis. In India every year 5 lakh people are newly infected with Tuberculosis, and about 1000 people die out of Tuberculosis every day. These deaths are occurring mainly because people do not take medications properly. He has focused on some of the precautionary measures to be followed by people infected with Tuberculosis such as maintaining cough hygiene especially in the public, keeping away oneself from the bad habits like smoking and alcoholism, being away from small children and getting prophylaxis for small children. He concluded his speech advising the people to lead a fearless life by getting themselves tested, treated and taking complete treatment. Finally, he asked everyone to keep away tuberculosis but not the people affected with tuberculosis.  

As part of this, the 2nd year Post Basic BSc Nursing students of Manipal College of Nursing Manipal enacted a Socio-Drama to Create Awareness on Tuberculosis among general public. Along with students Mrs.Janet Pramila D’souza, Asst. Professor Manipal College of Nursing Manipal enlightened the public on the importance of DOTS therapy and the treatment regimen for Tuberculosis under Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme. 

Mr. K S Jai Vittal, Estate Officer, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal congratulated the team and informed the public that last month the Rotary Club has donated a machine called Gene-expert costing Rs.25 lakhs to the District Hospital, Ajjarkad, Udupi. The importance of this machine is that it can detect the Tuberculosis causing organism in an individual at the early stage. He has requested the public that if anyone is experiencing any symptoms of Tuberculosis, kindly make use of this available facility which is free of cost.

The programme came to an end at 6.15 pm with the vote of thanks by Dr.Shashidhara Y N, HOD and Associate Professor, Community Health Nursing Department, MCON, Manipal.