Report of International Nurses' Day 2016

This year the theme chosen for International Nurses’ day is “Nurses: A force for change: Improving health systems’ resilience”. Manipal College of nursing and Manipal School of nursing, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal observed week long activities to commemorate this significant event in the profession.

May 13, 2016

Students and faculty of the college participated actively in events such as quiz held on 6th May, mime competition held on 9th May, extempore on 10th May and a half day seminar on 12th May.  

The formal programme was held on 12th May 2016 with Capt. Ajitha P S, Chief Nursing Officer at Premium healthcare, Calicut as the chief guest for the programme. In her message to the audience she stressed that young nurses have advanced in their capacity to be resilient, because of the adversity in the situations they are exposed to at a very early age. She concluded by saying that, “Each and every nurse need to introspect and realize how they ought to be. The present healthcare workforce demands nurses to be more logical, resilient and how they can raise above to take the profession forward.”  

Dr. Anice George, Dean Manipal College of Nursing, in her address to the students said that values of commitment, loyalty, integrity, humane touch and teamwork are essential for every nurse in the profession and that only if nurses are loyal towards their organization the performance of the organization will be of high standards.
All the winners of various competitions were awarded by the chief guest and Dr. Kasturi R Adiga, Principal, Manipal School of Nursing Manipal.  

The various themes for the seminar were in line with the theme of ICN. The distinguished speakers were Dr. Judith Angelitta Noronha, Associate Dean, Manipal college of Nursing whose session on “Improving organization resilience by quality nursing education” emphasized on areas of improving organizational resilience. She also said that nursing education should focus on achieving seventeen sustainable developmental goals and the main areas of focus are teamwork, work environment, approaches to risk management and communication.  

Talk on “Quality impact-role of a nurse administrator” was by Dr. Kasturi R Adiga, Principal School of Nursing Manipal, she stressed that nurses need to be assertive and as the healthcare system is digitalized confidentiality of the data is of utmost importance. She also said in her message that inter-professional education and practice needs to be incorporated for quality service. 

Dr. Christopher Sudhakar, Dean, Manipal School of Nursing Mangalore addressed on “Accreditation: force for change in 21st century”, he highlighted on the basics of accreditation and role of different accrediting bodies in improving nursing education and healthcare.