Seminar on Professional Development and Career Guidance

June 05, 2023

Manipal College of Nursing Manipal in association with the Centre for Consultancy Training and Corporate Interface (CCTCI), Department of Commerce (DOC), MAHE, Manipal organized a seminar on Professional Development and Career guidance on June 1st, 2023 from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm for final year BSc nursing students. The first session was on CV building by Mr.Ravindra Shenoy, Assistant Professor, DOC, MAHE, Manipal. He gave a clear idea on the method of preparation of a CV for nursing students and emphasized that a CV should be prepared based on the job description. Dr.Vikram Baliga, Associate Professor, DOC and Head of CCTCI MAHE, Manipal spoke on ‘How to handle interview’.

Dr.Shilpa Gopal, Assistant Professor, DOC elaborated on office etiquette, which included appropriate body language and email etiquette for effective communication in the workplace. She stressed on ABCD of professional etiquette which includes Appearance, Behaviour, Communication, and Demonstration. Career opportunities in nursing were explained by Dr.Ansuya, Placement Coordinator/Assistant Professor, MCON Manipal. The seminar ended with orientation to Alma Shines by Dr.Anjalin Dsouza, Alumni Coordinator of MCON Manipal. The program is aligned and contributes to the objective of SDG 8: Decent work and Economic growth. Ninety-five students participated in the seminar. Participants expressed that the seminar was interesting and it is useful for their future. The event was coordinated by Dr.Anjalin Dsouza, Assistant professor, MCON Manipal.