September 04, 2023

The Freshers’ Orientation program of the 29th Batch of MSc Nursing, was organized by Manipal College of Nursing, MAHE, Manipal on 1st September 2023 at the Conference Hall, MCON, MAHE, Manipal. Dr. Judith A. Noronha, Dean, MCON Manipal welcomed the freshers and gave a brief introduction to the institution. Further, the heads of each department introduced their departmental faculty.

Followed by that, Orientation to the Nursing Services was given by Dr. P. Suba Sooria, Head-Nursing Services, Kasturba Hospital, Manipal. The students and their parents were familiarized with the hostel facilities by Col. Vinod Bhasker, Chief Warden of MAHE, Manipal campus. Orientation to ISO 14001:2004 was done by Dr Elsa Sanatombi Devi, Professor & QMR, MCON, MAHE Manipal. The concluding remark for the event was given by Dr Judith A. Noronha, Dean of MCON Manipal, who addressed various concerns from both students and parents.

Orientation on the second day commenced with the session by Dr. Arvind Pandey, Deputy Director, Student Affairs (Health Sciences), MAHE, Manipal, who discussed the student support services of MAHE to the freshers and addressed the students on safety precautions, different recreational facilities available in the campus and extra-curricular activities like UTSAV, International Yoga Day etc., and reiterated on disciplinary measures taken against substance abuse.  Mrs Pratibha, Assistant Professor, MCON, Manipal, MAHE accompanied the students to Kasturba Hospital, Manipal to orient them regarding clinical facilities.

Following that, the students were briefed regarding the Anti-Ragging committee and its activities by Dr. Melita Sheilini, Assistant Professor, MCON, MAHE, Manipal and she explained the online submission of the anti-ragging declaration by students and parents. Ms. Sanju  Pant, Lecturer and Cultural Co-Advisor oriented the students regarding cultural activities of the college. Further, the orientation to the central library was done by Dr Shivananda Bhat, Chief Librarian, MAHE, Manipal at Symposium Hall, Health Science Library, MAHE Manipal. The 2nd day of the orientation ended with a brief orientation to LPG by Mrs. Manjula, Assistant Professor, MCON, Manipal