Report on Personal Development Workshops for Students

May 08, 2024

The Department of Fundamentals of Nursing, in collaboration with Dr. Olga Gershuni, International Faculty, Manipal College of Nursing Manipal, conducted personal development workshops for the second-semester students. The main topics were sleep hygiene, stress management, and infodemics. These areas were decided after a discussion on the personal development needs of the students; The students were allowed to select multiple workshops based on their needs and interests. A total of eight workshops were conducted with 136 students.

Sleep Hygiene: The session was mainly focused on how the students should maintain their sleep hygiene, and the discussion was driven towards the sleep hours needed for maintaining the students' health and what can be done to achieve these. The group was divided into four groups, each with five students. A total of 34 students attended the session. Dr. Olga Gershuni facilitated the workshops and had small group discussions on the students' needs, barriers, and problems.

Stress management: The session was conducted to identify the students' stressors and the approach they could use to reduce them. Dr. Olga led the workshops by explaining the different types of stressors present and the impact of these stressors on health. A total of five workshops were conducted with 100 students. Each group consisted of five students in small groups. A group activity was performed with the students, and they were asked to identify the stressors and what they were doing to tackle them. Then, Dr Olga discussed what can be done to reduce stress in small groups.

Infodemics: The session focused on what infodemics mean and how they have influenced society. She emphasized the role of nurses and how they can collaborate with other healthcare professionals to address the false information that is present in the world. She brainstormed with them about a problem and what they had faced. A total of 32 students attended the session.

A total of nine workshops were conducted over three months, from February to April 2024. These workshops are aligned with sustainable development goals 3 and 4, good health and well-being, and quality education, respectively.