Deeksharambh - Student Induction Programme (SIP) -2021

Student Induction Program (SIP) – ‘Deeksharambh’ for students admitted to the first year BSc Nursing course, for the academic year 2021-22, offered by Manipal College of Nursing (MCON), MAHE, Manipal was conducted from 1st to 9th October 2021 through Microsoft Teams web platform. Guest Lectures on various topics were conducted by various departments of Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) and MCON to induct the students to the overall activities to be instated in their due course of stay at Manipal.

October 1, 2021

Dr Narayana Sabhahit, Registrar, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal, who was the Chief Guest of the Orientation Program addressed the students and their parents. Dean Dr Judith A Noronha briefed about the college and also introduced the faculty members of the college to the newly admitted students. Chief Warden - Air Commodore Harindra Kumar Dhiman addressed the students on various facilities available at the MAHE Hostels, including rules and regulations.

Dr Tessy Treesa Jose, Associate Dean, MCON, Manipal, gave an overview on various facilities available at MAHE, including Security, Library services, Voluntary Service Organization (VSO), MARENA sports facility, and Student Support Center (SSC). Orientation included introducing teacher guardians of 1st year BSc Nursing. The overall process of interaction with teacher guardians was briefed by Dr Radhika R Pai, the Class Coordinator for 1st year BSc Nursing. This was followed by interaction with the respective teacher guardians. Details of students, viz: family, health, academic performance, and their hobbies were collected. Clarification on various aspects of facilities available for students on the campus was also included as part of this session.

October 4, 2021

On the 2nd day of the Orientation, the Department of Psychiatric (Mental Health) Nursing, MCON, MAHE, Manipal, organized a webinar on ‘Guidance and Mentoring’. Ms Prafulla Ragireddy, Counsellor, Student Support Center, MAHE, Manipal spoke on the topic. Ms Prafulla has explained how guidance and mentoring helps to improve the mental health of the students. She also presented the various services provided by the Student Support Center of MAHE, Manipal. In her concluding remarks, she said mentoring is a powerful tool for the career development of the students.

Mrs Reshma R Kotian, Lecturer, Manipal College of Nursing Manipal, oriented the structures of the Microsoft Team and tips for practical use. She focused on academic features such as accessing the educational materials and communicating with teachers and classmates. Orientation to ‘impartus’, the lecture-capture facility of the college was given by Dr Radhika R Pai, the Impartus coordinator. Mrs Prima J J D’Souza, the Examination Coordinator of the college gave a brief orientation on the epad examination system.

Mr Abhishek Tuteja, MAHE Coursera Campus Ambassador, MIT, Manipal carried out orientation to Coursera. Mrs Savitha Prabhu, Assistant Professor, MCON briefed on add on courses, open electives and value-added courses.

Dr K. Shivananda Bhat, Chief Librarian, KMC Health Sciences Library, MAHE, Manipal, gave an introduction to the Library Services of MAHE, Manipal. He demonstrated the practical method of utilizing the library by undergraduate students. Dr Bhat also highlighted the availability of journals and other e-resources.

The next session was by Dr Geetha Maiya, the Director of Student Affairs, MAHE, Manipal. Dr Maiya briefed on different student clubs of MAHE, which are available besides academic activities. She requested all to actively participate in curricular and co-curricular activities. Also, she warned the students not to indulge in risk-taking behaviours.

Mrs Jackline Prathibha, the Class Co-cordinator of 1st year BSc Nursing moderated the session.

October 5, 2021

The 3rd day of the orientation started with Dr Suba Sooria, Head of Nursing Services, Kasturba Hospital Manipal. She briefed about the functioning of the nursing services at KH Manipal.

The Department of Community Health Nursing, MCON Manipal, coordinated a Guest Lecture on “Care and Affection towards patients’ Mrs Charmine Crystal Salins, Training and Quality Incharge, KH, Manipal was the resource person. She briefed the students on the evolution of health care services, characteristics of health care customers, 5 “Cs” of caring such as commitment, conscience, competence, compassion and confidence and a good nurse’s quality.

Following this, the faculty members and the students of 1st year BSc Nursing (2021-22 batch) had an interaction session. The students and few parents presented their brief details such as their names, place of residence, and their particular interests. Many students are multi-talented and have expressed their interests in different fields such as photography, dancing, instrument playing, singing, sports, travelling, cooking, drawing, trekking and many more. Parents, students, and teachers were happy to know each other and share their skills. Dr Radhika R. Pai, Assistant Professor – Senior Scale, MCON Manipal, and the Class Coordinator of 1st year BSc Nursing moderated the entire session for the day.

October 6, 2021

The day started with a guest lecture on Good Study Habits and Reverence organized by the Department of Child Health Nursing, MCON, Manipal. Dr Elsa Sanathombi Devi, Professor, Department of Medical-Surgical Nursing, MCON, MAHE, Manipal, spoke on the topic. She emphasized why good study habits and reverence is essential for a professional nurse. She gave different tips for learning and acquiring knowledge which included, setting a schedule for study, choosing a different study method, and taking rest in-between to avoid some problems like disturbed sleep and stress. She also explained the importance of self-care, self-discipline, managing study timings and developing a positive attitude.

Students were oriented to the academic registration and admission formalities by Mrs Malini B, Junior Management Executive (JME), MCON, and Mr Deepak, Associate, MCON Office. Followed by this, the students were briefed on the Anti-Ragging committee by Dr Melita Sheilini, Assistant Professor, MCON, MAHE, Manipal. She demonstrated on filling online anti-ragging declarations by both students and parents. Succeeding this, details on activities of the MCON alumni group was explained by Mrs Laveena Barboza, Lecturer, MCON, and Team Employer Reputation, MAHE, Manipal.

Mrs Jackline Prathibha, the class Co-coordinator of 1st year BSc Nursing moderated the session.

October 7, 2021

The day started with a guest lecture on ‘Love and Gratitude’ by Dr Anice George, Professor, Department of Child Health Nursing MCON, MAHE, Manipal, which was organized by Fundamentals of Nursing Department. She spoke on the importance of gratitude in shaping ones’ personality and the benefits of gratitude on emotional, social and psychological wellbeing. She further said, gratitude is an expression of unconditional love, which improves our health, increases our self-esteem and also enhances positive emotions.

This session was followed by a virtual orientation to the physical set up of MCON, MAHE building, Library, Student Support Centre, MAP, which was coordinated by Mrs Jackline Prathibha, Lecturer, Department of Fundamentals of Nursing, MCON Manipal through the MS Teams virtual platform.

Orientation to the campuses of Basic sciences – (Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Biochemistry and Skill Lab), Hospital orientation that included OPD Complex, a Student clinic, Dental block, Pharmacy, Emergency Dept, Baliga Block, Shiridi Sai Baba Hospital, MCH Hospital, Blood Bank was also provided with the help of powerpoint presentation through MS Teams Virtual Platform. This event was coordinated by Mrs Charlet Jasmine Vaz, Lecturer, Department of Fundamentals of Nursing, MCON, Manipal.

Following this session, Mrs Janet Alva, Assistant Professor, MCON Manipal, delivered a session on LPG safety measures. She briefed about safety measures to be taken before, during, and after the use of LPG and also the safety tips.

Finally, Orientation to the ISO:14001: 2004, was given to the freshers’ by Dr Elsa Sanatombi Devi, Professor, Dept. of Medical-Surgical Nursing. She briefed about the ISO activities at MCON.

Dr Radhika R Pai, Class Coordinator of 1st year B.Sc. Nursing moderated the session.

October 8, 2021

A guest lecture on “Trust, Respect and Glory” was organized by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecological Nursing, Manipal College of Nursing, MAHE, Manipal. Dr Rayan Charles Mathias, Student Counsellor, MAHE, the resource person focused on trust and respect in professional life, how to develop trust and respect, the importance of listening and acknowledging the work done by others. He urged the participants to make decisions based on what’s right, not what they like, live and let live. He said glory is the fame and admiration that you gain by doing something impressive.

IELTS training and NHS as well as the UK recruitment was introduced to the freshers’ by Dr Elsa Sanatombi Devi, Professor, Dept. of Medical-Surgical Nursing. She briefed about student exchange programs, milestones of IELTS training, and opportunities available for the students.

Followed by this, there was a session by Dr Deepak Ram Bairy, Deputy Director of Physical Education, KMC Manipal. Dr Bairy emphasized the various sports facilities available on the campus. He said, ‘Marena Indoor Stadium’, is a world-class facility for indoor sports, and explained its timings and the amenities. Further, there was an orientation to ‘Utsav’ by Dr Shobha U Kamath, Chairperson, Cultural Coordination Committee (CCC), MAHE, Manipal. She also spoke about the various events conducted by the CCC and the importance of participating in cultural events during student life.

Dr Ansuya, Assistant Professor-Selection Grade, Department of Community Health Nursing and the Student Nurses Association (SNA) Coordinator of the college briefed about the SNA. She explained the students’ participation and activities held by the SNA and also regarding the membership of SNA and TNAI.

Further, there was an orientation to ‘Voluntary Service Organization (VSO)’ by Dr Latha T Bhat, VSO Coordinator, MCON. She described the objectives of VSO, various activities held, and explained the procedure to get a membership to VSO.

Mrs Jackline Prathibha, Class Co-coordinator of 1st year BSc Nursing moderated the session.

October 9, 2021

A guest lecture on ‘Communication Skills’ was deliberated by Mrs Shilpa Joshi, Student Counselor, Department of Student Affairs, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal. She highlighted the importance of communication in our day to day life and effective ways of communication. The department of Medical-Surgical Nursing, MCON Manipal coordinated the session.

Orientation to 1st year BSc Nursing courses was given by Dr Radhika R Pai. Followed by this session, there was an interaction of BSc Nursing students with the class coordinator and co-coordinator. The Orientation Program was concluded with the course orientation and subject orientation.