Report on alumni engagement Guest Lecture series – 02/2022

Department of Child Health Nursing Manipal College of Nursing, MAHE, Manipal had organized a guest lecture on the topic “Staffing” by Dr Shyamala Kumar Director -Nursing Services NMC Royal Hospital, Dubai Investment Park, UAE on 07 February 2022 at 1:00 pm through MS Teams platform.

Dr Shyamala Kumar stressed the importance of safe staffing and forecasting the staff. She also explained methods to establish staffing policies, assess patient needs based on acquity, dependency and workload, patient flow, variability, match staffing to patient needs, communicate staffing changes throughout the organization and assess nurses to care for patients based on the complexity of care needs and continuity of care.

She expressed that it is better to follow nursing care delivery models while providing care for the patients like primary nursing, team-based nursing, modular, functional and float nursing. Also highlighted the advantages of using modules in patient care. She also discussed regarding staffing assignments with examples like how to prepare a duty rotation plan by considering different types of leaves for staff and different areas of clinical posting like Intensive care units and other areas. A total of 19 second year P.B.BSc nursing students, 17 second-year MSc nursing students and nine faculty members attended the session. It was a useful and interactive session.