Webinar on “Inculcating Research Culture in Students”

The Student Research Forum of Manipal College of Nursing (MCON), MAHE, Manipal organized a webinar on “Inculcating Research Culture in Students”. The first two sessions of the year-long webinar series were held on 17 July 2021 from 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm. The target audience were the undergraduate & postgraduate students, PhD Scholars, and Project Staff of MCON, MAHE, Manipal. Dr Binil V, Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatric (Mental Health) Nursing, MCON, and Faculty Advisor of SRF-MCON addressed the participants and briefed the objectives of SRF-MCON. He also spoke on the importance of the webinar series. Ms. Tenzin Phagdol, PhD. Scholar, Department of Child Health Nursing, MCON, Manipal discussed the basic steps in a research process and Mr Anil Raj A, Lecturer, Department of Medical-Surgical Nursing, MCON, Manipal took a session on finding research topics and building basic knowledge. Both the sessions were interesting and were highly appreciated by the participants. A total of 90 participants attended the webinar sessions. E-certificate was given to the participants.