WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION DAY – 2020 “Working together to Prevent Suicide”

Suicide Prevention Day is observed worldwide every year on September 10th. One of the leading causes of death globally is suicide. Suicide may be prevented, if the warning signs are recognised and timely counselling and psychological support is provided to the individual. Since three consecutive years, the theme for the World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) is “Working together to Prevent Suicide”, which highlights that everyone has a role to play in the prevention of suicide.

A webinar on “Early detection of the warning signs and prevention of suicide” was organised by the Department of Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing, Manipal College of Nursing, Manipal on 10th September 2020 through the online Google Meet platform for the Primary and High School Teachers of Udupi District. Ninety-four teachers from 32 schools registered and attended the webinar geld between 11:00 am & 12:45 noon. Dr Virupaksha Devaramane, Consulting Psychiatrist, Dr A V Baliga Memorial Hospital, Udupi was the Resource Person for the webinar. Dr Virupaksha spoke on the warning signs especially among the students and the risk factors involved. During his talk, he stressed on the methods to deal with the sensitive issues faced by the students and youth. At the end of the session, an interactive session was held between the speaker and the participants.

Mrs Asha Nayak, Assistant Professor, MCON welcomed the audience and introduced the theme of WSPD – 2020. Mrs Flavia S Noronha, Lecturer, MCON, and coordinator of the programme delivered the vote of thanks.

To conclude, one of the major stakeholder groups that are schoolteachers were sensitized regarding the prevention of suicide.