Report on international faculty visit to MCON

May 25, 2024

Prof. VanSlyke, a Teaching Professor at the University of New Brunswick Faculty of Nursing, visited Manipal College of Nursing, Manipal, from April 15th to 27th, 2024, as part of the Shastri Faculty Collaboration and Internationalization Project and engaged in various activities aimed at enhancing collaboration and understanding between the institutions. He commenced the meetings with the Dean, Associate Dean, Head of the Departments and Professors of MCON, providing an orientation on the purpose of his visit. Prof. Stephen interacted with the students in their clinical area to grasp their clinical learning experiences and conducted orientation sessions for MAHE-UNB dual degree students. Exploratory visits were made to the culinary museum, Yoga, Ayurveda, and Sidha departments, as well as to the village and Primary Health Centre to understand community dynamics and student initiatives. Sessions on Scholarly writing and NCLEX preparation were conducted. Additionally, he visited the Mental Health Unit and Centre for Online Learning, while also contributing through a guest lecture on reflection for First Year MSc Nursing students, emphasizing its significance in learning enhancement. Prof Stephen’s visit fostered deeper collaboration and knowledge exchange between the institutions.