February 21, 2023

Surgery is an invasive technique with the fundamental principle of a physical intervention on organ systems or tissues for diagnostic or therapeutic reasons. As a general rule, a procedure is considered surgical when it involves cutting a person’s tissues or closure of a previously sustained wound with common surgical settings such as the use of a sterile environment, anesthesia, antiseptic conditions, typical surgical instruments, suturing, or stapling.

With technical advances today, surgery does not necessarily mean large incisions and longer healing times, as in the past. Depending on the type of surgery, there are several newer surgical techniques that are used at present.

Department of Medical-Surgical Nursing of Manipal College of Nursing Manipal has organized a Guest Lecture on the topic "Operative Techniques and Recent Advances” on 9th February 2023 between 8:00 am & 9:00 am. Dr. Vivek Viswanath, Assistant Professor, Department of General Surgery, Kasturba Medical College, MAHE, Manipal was the resource person. He spoke about the basic surgical techniques, operative suites, and the common surgeries performed in the area of General Surgery. He also highlighted the newer technologies that are in use and the advantages of these technologies in the surgical area.

The session was conducted at Manipal College of Nursing, MAHE, Manipal classroom. A total of 97 students from the Third Semester BSc Nursing attended the session. The program was coordinated by Mrs. Janet Prameela Dsouza, Assistant Professor – Senior Scale, Department of Medical Surgical Nursing coordinated the programme.

This programme contributed to achieving the following SDGs:

SDG 3: Good health and well being

SDG 4: Quality Education