Guest lecture on The power of patient stories

January 25, 2024

Dr Toni Bewley, a senior teaching fellow at Edgehill University, UK, and an adjunct faculty of Manipal College of Nursing shared her experiences on “The Power of Patient Stories” on January 16, 2024, at 3.00 PM for the 5th semester BSc Nursing at 2nd floor MCON classroom. 

In her talk, Dr. Toni suggested using excellent and active listening, encouraging the patient to be involved in care, increasing trust, and leading to better outcomes. She further stressed that patients are more likely to be involved in health care when they feel heard and empathetic. She encouraged the students to use learning by listening, which will help nursing students develop the skills and competencies required to provide better care.  A total of 84 5th-semester BSc Nursing students attended this session.

This session contributed to achieving the following SDGs:

SDG 4: Quality Education