MCON Alumni Meet – Ireland

September 27, 2023

The Pillar 4 – “Effective Alumni Engagement and Relation” of Manipal College of Nursing, Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) initiated a virtual meet for its alumni in Ireland on 23.09.2023. Although MCON initiated the meet, alumni in Ireland were more than happy to meet on the online platform and begin with the “MCON Alumni Ireland”. Dr Cebi Paul (Alumni-Batch: BSc (N) 2003-2007, MSc (N) 2009- 2011) compered the meet enthusiastically. Dr Rohith Singh, Director-Alumni Relations, MAHE emphasized the need for alumni networking. He spoke on the need to build an alumni community, strengthen it, and stay connected with the alma mater – MAHE. Dr Judith A Noronha, Dean, MCON highlighted the journey of MCON, and presented each milestone achieved by MCON and MAHE proudly. Dr. Sunita Panda (AlumniBatch: MSc (N) 2002-2004) spoke on the scope for nurse and midwifery educators in Ireland, she presented the challenges faced, trends and issues in education, research, and practice. Dr Mamatha S Pai, Professor & Pillar 4 Head, MCON, enlightened the gathering on the activities of the pillar and the role of alumni relations in building the MCON, MAHE family all over the globe. Mrs. Kunjumol Mathew (Alumni-Batch: BSc (N) 1990-1994) spoke beautifully on compassion in healthcare and the importance of loving oneself. Dr. Anjaline Dsouza, Assistant Professor, MCON, oriented the alumni to the “Alma-shines” website. Dr Vishnu Renjith (Alumni-Batch: BSc (N) 2006-2010, MSc (N) 2011-2013, PhD (N) 2013-2017) spoke on the research avenues for nurses in Ireland. He presented his area of expertise – research in skin wounds and trauma to the participants. Dr. Besi Paul (Alumni-Batch: BSc (N) 2003-2007, MSc (N) 2009-2011) shared personal experience of her professional journey from Manipal to Ireland and encouraged young graduates in Ireland and Manipal to pursue higher education in nursing. The virtual meeting was a mixture of formal and informal conversations and information shared between the alumni. They expressed their gratitude towards the alma mater, exchanged pleasantries and hoped to have more such get-togethers in future. Mrs. Flavia S. Noronha, Assistant Professor, MCON rendered the expression of gratitude. A total of 50 participants attended this virtual meeting from various parts of the world.