Nutritional Program Report

The students of 4th year BSc Nursing of Manipal College of Nursing MAHE, Manipal conducted the Nutritional Project on 5th November 2018 from 9 am -1 pm at Madaga, Athradi, Udupi District under the guidance and supervision of Mrs.Regeena Mathew, Lecturer, Department of Community Health Nursing, MCON.

November 07, 2018

The objectives of this Nutritional Project were to identify the nutritional deficiencies among selected houses in Madaga, Athradi area, to plan an appropriate menu and to create awareness on nutritional deficiency in the area.

The assessment done by the students in 34 houses of the area revealed that there is a dietary deficiency of calcium and iron even though they are taking sufficient carbohydrate, protein, fat and other nutrients. In reference with the RDA values a modified menu was prepared for the community. It consists of Soya chunks pulav, Curd salad, Ragi dosa, Spinach and Potato Sabji and the drink served was Avil Milkshake.

Students prepared the food keeping all the principles of cooking. A puppet show on the topic problems of iron and calcium deficiencies was conducted in the beginning to capture the attention of the participants. The importance of iron and calcium and the dietary requirement were explained to the group by the students. The modified menu was explained by showing the sample. A total of 15 people from different families participated for the programme. The prepared food was served to the participants. Family members were pleased and appreciated the work of students and also expressed the programme was informative.