Guest Lecture Series - 13/2023

August 31, 2023

The Department of Fundamentals of Nursing conducted effective alumni engagement, guest lecture series 13/2023 at 3 PM on August 26, 2023, for the First Semester BSc nursing students. Mr. Vithoba Mhalkar, Asst. Professor, Institute of Psychiatric and Human Behavior at Bambolim, Goa, and Alumnus of MCON from the MSc nursing batch 2011- 2013, took a session on Enhancing Effective Communication: Emotional Intelligence (EI) Way.

He explained the importance of communication for nurses in various healthcare settings and the barriers to communication. He focused on the role of emotions and emotional intelligence for effective communication. Different activities were incorporated during the session to have a better understanding of the topics. His primary focus was on the role of emotions, how emotions make us less effective in communicating in certain circumstances, and how to control those emotions in communicating effectively. He also explained how to communicate effectively by involving students in activities. He explained the role of building strategies in effective communication with examples and how emotional intelligence is critical to effective communication. Students were actively involved in the activities and gave good feedback for the session. A total of 125 students participated in this session, including 18 males and 107 females. This talk was in line with SDG 4 Quality Education.