Debate and Role play

A debate on the topic “Is the role of a nurse more important than the role that a doctor plays ?” was organised by the Department of Fundamentals of Nursing, Manipal College of Nursing, Manipal for the 1st year BSc Nursing students on 7th September 2017 at 8 am.

September 16, 2017

The debate was organised to make the students understand the different roles of Health Care Professionals.
Students were divided into teams of four members and one team spoke for and the other team against the topic. The teams supporting the topic explained the role of a Nurse in Health Care, they said nurses are always superior in comforting, caring, advocating for the client rights and assisting. They said, nurses understand the health condition of patients thoroughly and then give the required information to the Physicians whenever required. On the other hand, the team which spoke against the topic justified their part by stating that the Doctors play an important role in the health care setting by giving a better patient care. 

The debate came to a conclusion that both doctors and nurses play equal role in providing quality care to the patients. Few students from the audience gave their opinion on the topic by elaborating the different roles that a Nurse is playing in her nursing profession.
Finally the moderator said, in any Hospital, the Nurses are like the limbs while the Doctors are the eyes and brains, neither can work without the other’s presence.  

As a part of their learning activity, the first-year BSc Nursing students of MCON presented a role play on the verbal therapeutic techniques of communication. The batch of 103 students were divided into 6 groups. Each group played their parts with enthusiasm. The group  headed by Mr. Tsholofelo July Baloyi, in their play, demonstrated the ‘use of open ended questions’. The group II enacted the technique of ‘reflecting and restating’. The performance of both the groups were outstanding with Ms. Reanetse Mtolo’s foremost role. The group III exhibited an overwhelming act by incorporating creativity, music and necessary articles in their skit and they emphasized on ‘focusing’. The essential vocal sound effects were given by Mr. Mojalefa Kleinbooi. The use of ‘summarizing’ was well demonstrated by the group IV led by Ms. Racheal Nikita Cuthinha. The group V was well organized and they highlighted the use of ‘offering information’ in verbal communication as a therapeutic technique. Mr. Simson D’Souza led the group VI in conveying the technique of ‘clarifying’. Ms. Roseminu Varghese, Faculty, MCON, Manipal concluded the role play by making the students understand the practical aspects of verbal therapeutic techniques and its implementation in the clinical settings.