Book edited by Dr N Udupa and Dr D Sreedhar released during APTI conference at Indore

October 23, 2015

"Evolving Pharmacy Profession – Education, Research and Beyond" - a book edited by Dr N Udupa, Professor and Dr D Sreedhar, Head, Department of Pharmacy Management was released during APTI conference in Indore on October 9, 2015. "Pharmacy profession in India is said to be at crossroads. Contributing factors are many but to name a few:- four years bachelor program with old curriculum, dearth of respectable jobs in pharma industry, drop in annual wages, increase in number of pharmacy educational institutions etc. Before we run out of time, let us work hard to uplift the professional standards"- is what the book describes. Dr N Udupa and his team, comprising faculty of MCOPS have made an effort to bring this unique book which talks about career opportunities in varied and upcoming areas. Topics of the book deal with opportunities in Pharmacy Practice , Cosmetic Industry, Biotechnology, Pharmacology , Herbal Industry, Pharmaceutics etc., It also deals with Quality of Journals in pharmaceutical sciences, Business opportunities , legal aspects and patent management.