March 11, 2024


The Peer Support Club was Inaugurated in P. Gundu Rao Hall at 2:30 pm by Dr. Geetha Maiya, Director of Student Affairs MAHE along with Dr. Srinivas Mutalik, Principal, MCOPS and Dr. Krishnamurthy Bhat, Vice-principal, MCOPS and Dr. Jayesh Mudgal, Secretary, MAPS.

The guests were welcomed with a rose as a token of respect after which Dr. Geeta Maiya shed some light on the impact of the Peer Support Club and how it bridges Students Affairs Department of MAHE and the students, acting as their point of contact. She further explained various functions of the club such as Holistic Healthcare, need based counselling and addressing student grievances.

She further pointed out the problems faced by the students like anxiety, depression, substance abuse and many more. It was further continued by Mrs. Shilpa Joshi, Student Counsellor, Student Affairs, MAHE, where she took a session on mental health and detailed the signs and symptoms of these Mental Health issues like Depression and Anxiety.

As the session progressed, Mr. Calvin Dsouza, Student Counsellor, Student Affairs, MAHE explained some of the positive and negative coping mechanisms to overcome the mental health problems and the importance of the positive coping mechanisms. Dr. Rayan Mathais further added on to all these by engaging the students in roleplay activity on topics such as Road Traffic Accidents, Social Media addiction, Drug Abuse, Interpersonal Relationships, Challenges in Campus Life.

The workshop was concluded with Dr. Geeta Maiya encouraging the students to conduct awareness on all these problems every month in every class and capturing a group photograph.