Guest Lecture on "Demystifying Entrepreneurship" 

October 11, 2023


Department of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance, MCOPS organized a guest lecture titled "Demystifying Entrepreneurship" in PGR Conference hall, MCOPS. The speaker for the session was, Mr Vijay Kumar, Financial Consultant, Phoenix Financial Services, Bengaluru, Karnataka. The session commenced with Dr Muddukrishna BS, Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance, extending a warm welcome to all attendees and a brief introduction about the speaker.

As Vijay started the session by invoking Gloria Steinem's words, "Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning". He emphasized the pivotal role of planning in the entrepreneurial journey and encouraged the audience to dream ambitiously and align their plans accordingly. Mr Vijay engaged the audience in an interactive discussion, prompting them to reflect on the essential qualities and characteristics that successful entrepreneurs possess. Attributes such as ownership, passion, and individuality were highlighted, with the audience actively participating and sharing their insights. He delved into the entrepreneurial journey, focusing on the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) quadrant, a framework categorizing businesses into Dogs, Cash Cows, Stars, and Question Marks. Mr Vijay elaborated on how individuals can transition from being self-employed to entrepreneurs and, eventually, investors. A significant highlight of the session was the screening of a video featuring Bill Gross, a renowned entrepreneur and investor. The video underscored the critical factors contributing to business success, with particular emphasis on the role of timing, idea, and execution. This video served as a compelling illustration of the key components of entrepreneurial achievement.

Mr Vijay concluded by summarizing the key takeaways, particularly emphasizing the pivotal role of timing in the success of a business idea. He encouraged attendees to consider these factors in their entrepreneurial pursuits. Following the presentation, a brief but engaging Q&A session allowed participants to seek clarifications and insights on various aspects of entrepreneurship. The session was attended by postgraduate students, research scholars and faculty members.