February 05, 2022


Genesis is the inaugural event of the Manipal Association of Pharmacy Students’(MAPS) students council, organized by The Cultural Committee of MAPS.  This year the event was held on 5th February 2022, 4.30 PM through virtual mode via MST. Ms. Roopa Acharya rendered a melodious invocation. The formal event was inaugurated by Chief Guest Dr. Raviraja N S, Dr. C Mallikarjuna Rao, Principal, Dr Gautam Shenoy, Vice-Principal, and Dr. Krishnamurthy Bhat, Coordinator, Student Affairs Committee. Dr. Raviraja N S enlightened the students with his profound knowledge about the golden period of a student’s life, perceiving the view of positivity in life and exploring life outside campus. It was followed by the speech from the General Secretary, Deepak Karunakaran who introduced the eight councils of MAPS. The hosts announced the council names and the general secretary delivered a brief speech about the councils. Ms. Abhipsa Mehndiratta, President-MAPS, shared her experiences working for the council and her vision for the year 2022. The Vice President, Mr. Sanal Simon briefed about Manipal Association of Pharmacy Students to his juniors. Dr. C Mallikarjuna Rao rendered a motivational speech through his wise thoughts. The Vice President proposed a vote of thanks at the end. The master of ceremony of the formal event was Ms. Rajeswari and Ms. Nidhi Aggarwal.

The informal event was hosted by Ms. Arjita Nanda and Ms. Valipay Hari chandana. The introduction began with a mesmerizing traditional odyssey dance by Ms. Madhuja Sen. The hosts played videos about the President, the Vice President, and the General Secretary sharing their experiences of previous years. Finally, the event ended with a series of videos of councils and the respective council members introducing themselves to the audience.