Guest talk on “Body Languages – The Unsaid Mode of Communication” by Ms Ameeta Nehra

February 23, 2022


For the benefit of the students, a guest talk was organized on 23 February 2022 on "Body Languages – The Unsaid Mode of Communication” by Ms. Ameeta Nehra from the Everest Group. It was organized under the aegis of the Training and Placement Assistance Centre (TAPAC).  Ms. Ameeta initially briefed about the importance of communication. She also stressed how to be cautious about communication while attending the interview. Later she focused on body language. She explained what specific gestures and postures communicate, what one should be aware of, and a few negative gestures and postures. She also mentioned the head tilt, and hand and leg gestures while attending the interview. Finally, she demonstrated how one can present during the interview.

Principal, Dr. C Malliakrjuna Rao, Chief Placement Coordinator Dr. D Sreedhar and a few young faculty members were also part of the guest lecture.

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