Mr Gaurav Girish, PharmD-Intern selected for ICMR Health Communications Internship

August 28, 2023


Mr Gaurav Girish, PharmD-Intern, Department of Pharmacy Practice, MCOPS has been selected for ICMR Health Communications Internship Program 2023 at ICMR – Vector Control Research Center, Pondicherry. This offline internship in Pondicherry is for a duration of 3 months (September-November 2023). During the internship, he will work under the supervision of the Nodal Communications Officer (NCO) of the institute. He will be assigned an individual Health Communications Capstone Project, based on the health research specialization of his allotted institute. He will get the opportunity to present his projects at the Valedictory Program in New Delhi, scheduled at the end of the internship period. He will receive a stipend of INR 10,000 per month from the ICMR.

Best Wishes to Mr. Gaurav Girish for his successful completion of the Internship!