Date of establishment

Drug analysis and development center has been established since June 2014.



Manipal College of Pharmaceutical sciences, Manipal



To share the research infrastructure to others who could not establish the sophisticated infrastructure at their level for their research needs



  1. The Requester shall submit the request in the prescribed format to ‘The Principal MCOPS’ for sample analysis either for drug estimations, characterizations or drug evaluation. 
  2. Depending upon the type of analysis, the request will be referred to the appropriate location for the further processing.
  3. The HOD of the location concerned will analyse the request and puts a note for the appropriate charges to be levied for the analysis.
  4. The requester shall pay the charges in Manipal University finance and submit the request form to the location concerned along with the sample and payment receipt.
  5. The location concerned will conduct the test/s in reasonable time limit and submits the report to the requester concerned.


Contact details

MCOPS office: Phone:+91-820-2922482, E-mail:

  1. Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry: Dr Suvarna G Kini,
  2. Department of Pharmacology: Dr Nandakumar K,
  3. Department of Pharmaceutics:  Dr Srinivas Mutalik,
  4. Department of Pharmacognosy: Dr Richard Lobo,
  5. Department of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance: Dr Sudheer Moorkoth,
  6. Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology: Dr Raghu Chandrashekar H,


Test Details


Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry (PCH)


Test Code                  Test Details

PCH1                          GC-Qualitative

PCH2                          HPLC-Qualitative

PCH3                          HPLC-Method Development

PCH4                          UV Spectroscopy-Qualitative

PCH5                          UV Spectroscopy-Method Development

PCH6                          FTIR Spectroscopy

PCH7                          TLC

PCH8                          Ash Value

PCH9                          Sugars per test per sample

PCH10                        Saponification Value

PCH11                        Iodine Value

PCH12                        Acid Value

PCH13                        Total Solids

PCH14                        Extractive Values

PCH15                        Water Testing

PCH16                        Formulation analysis by Titrimetry

PCH17                        Alcohol Content

PCH18                        Refractive Index

PCH19                        Specific Gravity/Density

PCH20                        pH testing

PCH21                        Chemical Identification Test – per class

PCH22                        Boiling Point

PCH23                        Metal ion – qualitative

PCH24                        Loss on Drying

PCH25                        Poison Testing

PCH26                        Monograph Analysis

PCH27                        Glass Apparatus Fabrication/Repair

PCH28                        Computational Services for Drug Design


Department of Pharmacology (PHA)


Test Code                   Test Details


PHA1                          Flow Cytometry-for processed sample

PHA2                          MTT-Cell Viability Assay (for the available Cell line with MCOPS)

PHA3                          Flow Cytometry-Cell Cycle Analysis (only for MCF-7 and HCT-116)

PHA4                          Western Blotting running charges per plot

PHA5                          Acute Toxicity as per OECD guidelines (not as per GLP standards)

PHA6                          Anti-inflammatory Acute Study with 3 dose


Department of Pharmaceutics (PCE)



Test Code                   Test Details


PCE1                           Particle size-nanometer scale by Malvern Zetasizer (includes zeta potential)

PCE2                           Particle size-micrometer scale by QBIDEX- Scatteroscope I

PCE3                           Viscosity measurement by Brookfield  Viscometer (up to 30 thousand CPS only)

PCE4                           DSC Analysis

PCE5                           FTIR Analysis

PCE6                           Hot Melt Extrusion sytem


Department of Pharmacognosy (PCO)



Test Code                   Test Details


PCO1                          Phytochemical Evaluation-Moisture content

PCO2                          Phytochemical Evaluation-Ash value /method/sample

PCO3                          Phytochemical Evaluation Ext. value/ method/sample

PCO4                          In vitro Antioxidant Studies-DPPH

PCO5                          In vitro Antioxidant Studies-ABTS

PCO6                          In vitro Antioxidant Studies-Orthophenol

PCO7                          In vitro Antioxidant Studies-Total antioxidant

PCO8                          In vitro Antioxidant Studies- H2O2

PCO9                          Anatomical Studies and Photo documentation per sample

PCO10                        Phytochemical Screening

PCO11                        Lyophyllization of Herbal Ext.

PCO12                        HPTLC Analysis-Finger print

PCO13                        HPTLC Analysis-Finger print with Marker

PCO14                        HPTLC Analysis-Method Development and Validation


Department of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance (PQA)


Test Code                   Test Details


PQA1                          GC-Qualitative

PQA2                          GC-Method Development

PQA3                          GC-Validation of Method

PQA4                          HPLC-Qualitative

PQA5                          HPLC-Method Development

PQA6                          HPLC-Validation of Method per sample

PQA7                          HPLC-Qualitative

PQA8                          HPTLC-Method Development

PQA9                          HPTLC-Validation of Method per sample

PQA10                        UV Spectroscopy-Qualitative

PQA11                        UV Spectroscopy-Method Development

PQA12                        UV Spectroscopy- Validation of Method per sample

PQA13                        Florescence Spectroscopy-Qualitative

PQA14                        Florescence Spectroscopy-Method Development

PQA15                        Florescence Spectroscopy- Validation of Method per sample

PQA16                        DSC

PQA17                        FTIR Spectroscopy

PQA18                        TLC

PQA19                        Ash Value

PQA20                        Sugars per test per sample

PQA21                        Saponification Value

PQA22                        Iodine Value

PQA23                        Acid Value

PQA24                        Total Solids

PQA25                        Extractive Values

PQA26                        Moisture Content by Karl Fischer method

PQA27                        Water Testing

PQA28                        Formulation analysis by Titrimetry

PQA29                        Alcohol Content

PQA30                        Refractive Index

PQA31                        Specific Gravity/Density

PQA32                        pH testing

PQA33                        Chemical Identification Test – per class

PQA34                        Weight Variation Test

PQA35                        Tablet Hardness

PQA36                        Disintegration Test

PQA37                        Viscosity

PQA38                        Boiling Point

PQA39                        Metal ion – qualitative

PQA40                        Loss on Drying

PQA41                        Dissolution Testing-Official method

PQA42                        Dissolution Testing-Official method is not available


Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (PBT)


Test Code                   Test Details


PBT1                           Antioxidant  Assays (DPPH/ABTS/Nitric Oxide/Alkaline  DMSO)-One method

PBT2                           Antioxidant  Assays (DPPH, ABTS, Nitric Oxide, Alkaline  DMSO)-Four methods

PBT3                           Antibacterial and Antifungal studies (Two Gram+ve and two Gram-ve bacteria, two fungi and one yeast) Agar diffusion  and tube diffusion

PBT4                           Cyto Toxicity  Studies (MTT, SRB Assays) one Assay, one cell line, one compound

PBT5                           Nuclear staining one compound, one cell line and one dye (Per sample two images)

PBT6                           DNA Fragmentation Assay (One compound, one cell line)

PBT7                           PCR (with DNA sample by primer sequence is to be provided by the customer)