Blood Donation Drive

February 15, 2023


As part of MCOPS's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations, the Pharmacy Literacy Club and the MAHE Association of Pharmacy Students held a blood donation camp on 15 February 2023, in MCOPS Room No. 230. The event aimed to raise awareness of children's cancer and how to prevent it. Drs. Shamee Shastry, the head of immunohematology and transfusion medicine at Kasturba Hospital, and Avinash Shetty, the hospital's medical superintendent, officially opened the camp. The guests were invited to give a brief speech about children's cancer and blood donation.

The chief guests' statements emphasised the value of blood donation and how it can save lives. They discussed that donating blood three or four times annually can significantly improve the lives of people who need blood transfusions. They discussed the constant need for blood and how vital blood transfusions are in treating cancer and other disorders. They encouraged attendees to make blood donation a regular practice and to spread the message to their friends and family members.

The involvement of the students, instructors, and staff in the blood donation camp contributed much to its success. The way the event was organised ensured everyone's safety and comfort. In order to confirm their eligibility for blood donation, donors were needed to fill out a form outlining their medical history and then undergo tests for their haemoglobin, blood pressure, pulse, and blood group. The blood transfusion was carried out in a sterile and secure manner.

The Blood Donation Camp assisted in spreading knowledge about the various types of cancer that impact children, the necessity of early detection, and the warning signals of childhood cancer. The camp also offered information on the value of leading a healthy lifestyle in lowering children's cancer risk. The event aimed to persuade attendees to donate blood to aid those in need, notably cancer-stricken youngsters. The event's organisers also provided food and drinks for the donors and volunteers, as well as any necessary medical care. The occasion provided pharmacy students with a fantastic opportunity to learn more about blood donation and cancer.

At the event, roughly 195 people registered to donate blood. The collected blood will significantly contribute to saving lives and aiding those in need. It is encouraging to see the community banding together to support such a worthwhile cause and improve the lives of others. The Blood Donation Camp was an excellent idea that supported a worthy cause overall.

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