Guest Lecture Organized by Department of Pharmacology, MCOPS

October 16, 2023


Dr Rajkumar Banerjee, Faculty Scientist, Applied Biology Division, CSIR-IICT, Hyderabad, delivered a lecture on the topic “Reactive oxygen species- From Concepts to Therapeutics for Cancer” at PGR Conference Hall, MCOPS, Manipal on 16 October 2023. Dr Banerjee elucidated the dual functionality of specific chemotherapeutic agents, including quinones, nitrogen mustards, nitrosoureas, and nucleosides, which act as a two-edged sword in cancer therapy. These compounds serve both as cytotoxic agents and as inducers of ROS.

Dr Banerjee emphasized on the substantial modifications in glycolysis, a fundamental metabolic pathway, leading to a phenomenon known as “Warburg effect” in cancer. He also highlighted that elevating the pH of the tumour microenvironment and reducing the build-up of acidic compounds may hold promise for mitigating tumour aggressiveness. This lecture was a preamble to the next session scheduled on 17 October 2023.