MAPS Organized Annual Student Council Inaugural event- Genesis 2023-24 

September 05, 2023


The Annual Student Council Inaugural event of MAHE Association of Pharmacy Students (MAPS), GENESIS – “NUOVO INIZIO” 2023 - 24 was held at TMA Pai Halls, Manipal, on 5 September 2023. It was made more notable by being held in conjunction with Teachers’ Day.   Dr G Arun Maiya, Dean, Manipal College of Health Professions (MCHP), Manipal, was the Chief Guest of the event. The ceremony was initiated with the lighting of the lamp by the esteemed Chief Guest, Dr G Arun Maiya, along with the Principal, Dr C Mallikarjuna Rao, and Vice Principal, Dr Krishnamurthy Bhat, invoking the sacred flame to sanctify the event. The lamp lighting was followed by Shreya Satish beatifically singing the invocation song, enrapturing the audience.

Principal, Dr C Mallikarjuna Rao formally welcomed the Chief Guest with the presentation of a bouquet. Later, Chief Guest addressed the audience where he remarked that the student council plays a massively important role in an institution. He also highlighted the fruitful and synergistic partnership between MCHP and MCOPS in research and development, and the collaborative publications, among other ventures. Also, he announced an exciting collaborative Master’s program. Dr Arun congratulated the office bearers of the current student council, wishing them the very best under the current President’s guidance.

Ms Aarthika Srinivasan, previous Chief Editor of the Editorial Board 2022-23, introduced the college magazine, Ab Aeterno – proudly presenting 68 pages of stellar writing and photography. She expressed her gratitude and the highest hopes for the upcoming writers and photographers. The college magazine was  released by the Chief Guest.

President Mr John George Patani, Vice President Ms Jayashree V, and the General Secretary Mr Rajath Samaga were officially inducted by the Chief Guest into the Student Council 2023-24. The other core positions were announced subsequently, and badges were presented by the Principal, with Academic Joint Secretaries Ms Panchami Chandrasekara and Mr Leroy Reuben Alvares taking office in the Academic Council. The Cultural Council will be led by Secretary Mr Mandar B Rao, with the aid of Joint Cultural Secretaries Mr Sreevishnu Nair and Mr Anand. Ms Shreya Gantayet was elected Secretary of the Sports Council, along with Joint Sports Secretaries Mr Shubham Manna and Mr Kirtjot Singh. The Chief Editor, Ms Shoshanna Attavar, and Joint Secretary, Ms Khushi Manoj Katiyar, will lead the Editorial Board. Ms Stuti Khatuka will serve as the Secretary of the Student Exchange Committee alongside Joint Secretary Mr Arul Mahindroo, with Ms Chelsea George assisting at the helm as the Head of Internal Relations. The Vice Principal presented the badges, proceeding with the Secretary of the Community Development Committee, Ms Vani Nayak, and the Joint Secretary, Ms Sneha Bhat. Also, this year marks the introduction of new councils, with the Innovation and Entrepreneurship headed by Ms Rajeshwari Subramanian and Joint Secretaries Ms Tanvi Ambekar and Mr Paawan Gulati. Mr Rajath Samaga along with Joint Secretary Ms Aleena Ann Jose will run the Social Media Council. Finally, the Innovative Communications Club will be presided over by Ms Pragati Bangera.

The Principal spoke about the importance of Teacher’s Day. He fervently expanded on the ideal relationship of utmost respect and moral values between a mentor and a student towards a common goal, with the example of Krishna and Arjun quoted from the Bhagwad Gita. Dr Jayesh Mudgal, the Secretary of MAPS, congratulated the previous Student Council for their efforts and briefly introduced the councils and their respective heads, wishing them the best for the current term.

This was followed by the much-anticipated President’s Speech by Mr John Patani. He spoke about his journey to the present, expressing his gratitude to those who supported him and highlighting the importance of teamwork and diligence. He passionately pledged to transparency and to go to great lengths for the council and empowerment of the students, sharing his presidential visions with the audience.

The General Secretary, Mr Rajath Samaga, spoke about the significance and role of each council and talked about making the Diamond Jubilee a memorable year. The celebration was concluded by the Vice President, Ms Jayashree V, who presented the vote of thanks. Sania and Saptadip served as masters of ceremonies for the formal event.

The informal evening started with an invocation dance, followed by the drama featuring a very catchy remake of a song. The dance and the singing by the first years further bolstered this evening, leading to an encore wherein the second years also danced to the beat of popular songs, inspiring the audience to get off their seats and onto the dance floor, closing the chapter on a star-studded evening: another one for the books.