Day 1 Conference Sessions @MPCON 2023

September 29, 2023


The first session of the conference commenced at 10:30 am. The Chairperson of the session was Dr Mohammed Gulzar Ahmed, Principal, Yenepoya Pharmacy College and Research Centre, Mangalore, and the speaker for the session was Dr Sanjay Garg, Director, Centre for Pharmaceutical Innovation, UniSA: Clinical and Health Sciences, University of South Australia, Australia. Dr Mohammed Gulzar Ahmed was accorded a warm welcome by the event's host, effectively setting the stage for an engrossing dialogue. Dr Ahmed, in his introductory remarks, extended a gracious welcome to Dr Sanjay Garg and outlined the session's overarching objectives. Dr Garg commenced the session, expressing his deep admiration for the management prowess of MAHE (Manipal Academy of Higher Education) and sharing his own inspirational journey.

Dr Garg's session focused on the theme “Patient-Centric and Translational Pharmaceutical Research: Challenges and Opportunities”. The presentation primarily revolved around patient-centric drug delivery systems, shining a spotlight on his ground-breaking innovations, including "Phexi" (an innovative contraceptive), equine omeprazole injections, exemplary formulations, and pioneering studies involving human milk. These illustrative case studies served as a channel for imparting invaluable insights into the intricacies of pharmaceutical research. Dr Garg concluded the session on an inspiring note, extending his best wishes to the students in their future endeavors.

A stimulating discussion between Dr Gulzar Ahmed and Dr Garg ensued, marked by insightful questions posed by Dr Gulzar Ahmed. Subsequently, the audience was afforded the opportunity to engage with the speaker, seeking clarifications and further insights. Dr Sanjay Garg was duly honored with a memento and certificate presented by Dr Mohammed Gulzar Ahmed, reciprocated by a similar token of appreciation bestowed upon Dr Ahmed by Dr Srinivas Mutalik, Head of department of Pharmaceutics. This insightful session gracefully drew to a close, and participants adjourned for a well-deserved refreshment break. 

The second session of MPCON 2023 delved into the captivating realm of "Protein Biomarker Bioanalysis Using LC MS/MS: Current Trends" This enlightening session, under the stewardship of Dr Saleemulla Khan, Principal, P A College of Pharmacy, Mangalore, unfolded with great promise. The session's objectives were outlined by the host, generating a palpable sense of anticipation. With a brief introduction about the speaker for the session Dr Shashyendra Singh Gautham, Principal Scientist (Bioanalytical Research), Biocon- Bristol-Myers-Squibb Research Centre, Bengaluru given by Dr Saleemulla Khan, Dr Shashyendra graced the stage, immediately establishing a connection with the audience by reminiscing about his own student days. Dr Shashyendra initiated the session with a brief but interactive Q&A session, fostering engagement right from the start. The core of Dr Shashyendra's presentation revolved around the multifaceted realm of biomarkers. He explored various facets, including approaches to biomarker discovery, quantification methods in MS-based proteomics, the intricacies of targeted proteomics, and the nuances of label-free proteomics. The presentation was enriched with compelling case studies, providing attendees with practical insights into this critical field of study. Also, Dr Shashyendra extended a warm invitation to attendees for the upcoming SSX Symposium scheduled for February 2024 at Manipal, hinting at the vibrant exchange of ideas and knowledge that awaited them. Dr. Saleemulla Khan offered his closing remarks, encapsulating the essence of the session, and posed thought-provoking questions to Dr Shahyendra. The audience eagerly seized the opportunity to engage with the speaker, seeking further clarity and insights. To honor Dr Shashyendra Singh Gautham's invaluable contribution, he received a memento and certificate, presented by Dr Saleemulla Khan. Also, Dr Khan was duly honoured by Dr Sudheer Moorkoth, Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance, adding a sense of prestige to the session's conclusion. 

The third session of MPCON 2023 brought to the forefront a topic of significant relevance - "Patents and the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry." Dr Mallikarjun Rao, Principal, MCOPS who chaired this session, opened proceedings by introducing both the session's theme and the esteemed speaker, Ms Sonal Kirty, In-house IP counsel, ITC Life Sciences & Technology Centre, Bengaluru. Dr. Rao's introductory remarks provided valuable context for the ensuing discussion. Ms Sonal Kirty took the stage, guiding attendees into the intricate world of patents and their profound implications within the Indian pharmaceutical sector. She expounded upon the pivotal role that patents play in the industry, elucidating their mechanisms and historical underpinnings. Case studies were interwoven throughout the presentation, offering a practical and tangible understanding of the subject matter. Dr Rao provided insightful closing remarks, encapsulating the essence of the session, and engaged in an illuminating dialogue with Ms Kirty. The audience was actively encouraged to participate, resulting in a vibrant exchange of ideas and perspectives. To acknowledge her expertise, Ms Sonal Kirty was honoured with a memento and certificate, presented by Dr Mallikarjun Rao. Dr Rao, in turn, received similar recognition from Dr D Sreedhar, Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and management, elevating the prestige of the session's conclusion. The session drew to a conclusion, marking the end of the forenoon sessions of MPCON 2023. These sessions have not only been informative but also highly engaging, providing attendees with valuable insights into pharmaceutical research, biomarker analysis, and the intricate dynamics of patents within the Indian pharmaceutical sector. 

In the afternoon session from 02:00 pm to 04:00 pm, the focus shifted to the presentation of posters in 3 categories; category 1: Pharmaceutics, category 2: Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and category 3: Pharmaceutical Regulatory affairs and Management. All the categories included research and conceptual posters. This segment provided a platform for participants to showcase their research and findings in a visual format to the evaluators and the participants. The diverse categories ensured a broad spectrum of topics and research areas were covered, fostering knowledge exchange and discussion among attendees. Researchers and scholars from different fields came together to present their work through visually engaging posters. This format allowed for in-depth exploration of each project, facilitated one-on-one discussions between presenters and attendees, and encouraged networking and collaboration. The poster presentation session not only enriched the conference's overall experience but also contributed to the dissemination of knowledge and the advancement of research in pharmaceutical sciences. It showcased the depth and breadth of research endeavours within the conference's purview, reinforcing MPCON 2023's commitment to fostering an environment of learning, sharing, and collaboration among professionals in the field. As the afternoon session progressed, participants had the opportunity to engage with presenters, exchange ideas, and gain new perspectives on a wide range of pharmaceutical topics. Dr Vamshi Krishna gave certificate and moment as token of appreciation to the evaluators.  This interactive and dynamic segment further solidified MPCON 2023's role as a premier platform for knowledge dissemination and networking within the pharmaceutical community.