Workshop on ‘Scientific Writing’ 

May 27, 2023


The MCOPS Diamond Jubilee commemorative workshop on Scientific Writing was conducted on 27 May 2023, at Prof MNA Rao Lecture Hall, Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MCOPS), MAHE, Manipal. The objective of the workshop was to enhance the participant's understanding and skills in scientific writing, emphasizing the importance of clear and effective communication in research and academia. The resource was Dr Aruna Theerthahalli, Freelance Auditor, Co-founder QDraft Services, Manipal. I2C President Ms Pragathi Bangera delivered a warm welcome speech, expressing gratitude to all the delegates and participants for their presence and highlighting the significance of the workshop. Following the welcome speech, Principal Dr. C Mallikarjuna Rao delivered inspiring opening remarks. He emphasized the importance of scientific writing in the academic and research domains.

The session began at 10 am by Dr Aruna with an overview of scientific writing, its significance, and its role in knowledge dissemination. Participants were divided into groups and given various exercises and provided individual feedback and facilitated group discussions to encourage active participation. The workshop focused on the importance of a well-structured document. Dr Aruna discussed the essential sections and modules of a scientific paper. Participants were taught techniques for achieving clarity and conciseness in protocol design in their third session. He also provided valuable tips on how to effectively organize information within each headline of a protocol. He emphasized the use of simple and precise language while writing an informed consent form through his set of exercises. The last exercise was the most important which helped the participants to improve their logical and scientific thinking when dealing with a write-up for US FDA regulatory query. Strategies for improving sentence structure and additional insights to ensure a comprehensive understanding were also discussed.

The workshop was a valuable and informative one. Participants gained essential knowledge and skills to enhance their scientific writing abilities. The workshop emphasized the importance of clear and effective communication in the field of research and academia. A total of 55 participants from different colleges had registered for the event.