Team MCOPS at MYM 2022 contest with Luciferus oculus

October 08, 2022


MMMC, MAHE, Manipal, conducted an intra-university competition for health science students under the title "Model Your Microbe-2022" on 8 Oct 2022. The contest intended to provide a platform for the students to pool their inventive and creative efforts and create the model of a fictitious microorganism with their exiting knowledge. The competition not only broadened a person's scientific understanding but also tested their imaginative vision. Each team was required to present a brief overview of the creature they had modelled to a panel of evaluators.

A team of five students of Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MCOPS) which included Yashas M., Chandani Manik, Anchal Shetty, Garima Joshi and Krishang Sikaria developed a hypothetical microorganism that may be used to treat colour blindness. Currently, there is no lasting treatment for colour blindness. Due to limits placed on them, people with this genetic condition miss out on numerous work prospects. Team MCOPS presented a fictitious bacterium Luciferus oculus that mimicked the actions of photoreceptor cells in the eye and operated according to a system resembling the physiology of vision. The team was inspired by the moth-anti-reflective eye's structure and included it in their model. Dr Angel Treasa Alex was the faculty mentor of the team and Mr Yashas M was the team Leader.